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silky2319 06-14-2011 02:39 PM

neck injury please help
I had a neck injury back in november my neck burns and aches all the time it pops a lot and the popping is painful. I take spells my face burns and it really hurts i have a headache almost all the time.

My injury shows bulging disk c3 through c6 on the mri 3 bone spurs and degenerative disk and spinal stenosis and 2 pinched nerves.

But what i am asking is what is causeing my face to burn and hurt my dr. Ordered a myleogram and wants me to try one shot in the cspine can someone please tell me if they have ever experienced these symptoms and what caused it.

Oh and the dr. Also told me that the mri from what he see's looks worse than the radiology report.:(

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