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malantone 11-01-2011 01:25 PM

weak knees
I have developed a problem in the last two weeks, firstly my finger ends are tingly all the time, secondly and worse to me are my knees, they feel weak and wobbly, coming down stairs if I`m not careful and don`t lock out the knee then it will let me down, crossing a small stream on Saturday I stepped over and as I transferred weight to the front leg it collapsed. getting out of the car my right leg just folded.
I`m 6ft 3inch 16st and have always been fit and strong, my knees are physically strong, which is why I've posted in this section, I have been examined by my GP and she can find no physical faults.
At no time do I feel pain in my knees, its like I loose control over them

HELP please

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