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NotKnowingSucks 12-09-2011 02:36 PM

No Answers After 6 Years - Left Sided Weakness
Symptoms started when I was 30.

Started in 2006 with twitching all over my body and left sided weakness (shoulder, neck, jaw, swallowing, arm, leg). Electric buzzing down my legs and in my feet.

Had 2 EMG's (One done by head neuro at Keiser one done by technician at Keiser, both came back clean)
Had CK levels checked all were normal.
MRI of Neck and head nothing came up

Being desperate I went on Heavy Lyme treatment with antibiotics. Weakness subsided around the end of 2006.

2007 April - weakness came back and lingered (left side jaw, swallowing, shoulder like jello, neck, leg and arm).

2007 October - symptoms lightened up again and I was ok, weakness left again.

2008 - Septemeber 2011 symptoms left me although i had recurrent infections (sinus and chest infections every 3 to 4 months) but other than that I just had less stamina
Stopped Lyme treatment in 2008

2011 October - All symptoms returned and are back with a vengence, left side weakness of the jaw, neck hard to hold up, left side swallowing, left shoulder weak, dexterity loss in left hand, left leg weak especially below the knee. rest helps the weakness. muscle twitching throughout my body, pain while sitting up in my thoracic region of my spine, left side sternomastoid muscle smaller (I am a lefty should be bigger). possible muscle wasting in left calf muscle. Face muscle soar like from smiling too much, eye lids twitching a lot

Recent tests - 3T MRI of brain normal, pituitary gland normal,
CT scan of brain when symptoms first started swelling in back left side of brain, they asked if i hit my head and i said no.
EMG done by neurologist clean according to her, done on complete left side of body (pins in every muscles on the left side including back, neck and jaw muscles)
Endocryn tests done all tests came back normal except low testosterone which i am using androgel to treat.
Sed Rate normal

Can anyone think of what this could sound like or any advice as to who to see next? I just want to know what I am dealing with. Maybe a muscle biopsy? I lost my job cause i couldn't sit up and work.

I am desperate right now

simsie 12-13-2012 11:10 AM

Re: No Answers After 6 Years - Left Sided Weakness
Any ideas what is causing this?

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