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  • Blackouts while sitting or standing (3-4th one in 4-5 months)

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    Blackouts while sitting or standing (3-4th one in 4-5 months)

    Hello I hope someone may have some insight on my situation. I do appologize this may be lengthy, want to make sure u know what I know.

    Last Aug. I blacked out & dropped in my kitchen. Early morn. was getting ready for work. (which was stressing me out for last year or so. Another story). I was taking a sip of a "Monster Enery drink" (This is one of my vises)(first few sips). I remember saying to my wife, "I don't feel well... " I am sure I reached for counter maybe even made it. but by time she turned around I had hit the floor.
    She said I was moaning and coming to (head moving side to side) as she rushed to help me. She called work and drove me to hospital.
    They took blood, had me hooked to a EKG sitting there for appox. 4 hours. they came back and told me it was most likely a vasovagal episode. and let me go home, also told me he sees no reason to pull my drivers license, (I am a mobile serviceman, was overly concerned they would).
    Even though the hospital cleared me work started to hassle me sayin thing like, they spoke to their lawyers etc. and I am now a liability driving vans insured by them, unless I get a note from my doctor.
    My Doctor had set up a appointment for a EKG, A holter 24hr monitor, and a appointment with a cardio specialist. These appointments were over 2 months away except the specialist was a month away. Until then my doctor and I decided to not bring a note just yet. Work continued to press the issue during that month.
    The day of the appointment I waited so long for. They called 2hr prior to my 3 pm apointment and said doctor had to go home and I will have to reschedule. Why the @$#% not!! Just my life/job we are messing with here. I had taking day off to deal with things before appointment, now wasted a day and going to have to explain this to a already ****** off boss.
    Well that was a thursday. That Sunday we tried to get out fishing for a day just to try to relax. ( I had not been away at all this year and really needed it)
    We left early got gas and drinks ("monster" again). and made it about 5 mins. away before I felt that weakness again, I managed to "shake" it so I thought.
    I remember stopping at the red light, Looking to the left to see if anyone was coming, & I started to make the right turn.
    I blacked out again this time at the wheel!!! (My worst fear, now because of work) I don't remember finishing the turn.
    The wife said The car kinda kept going right and bounced the curb she yelled @ me curb!!!curb!! looked over and I was out. We ended up jumping curb taking out a bus stop sign and finally stopping in some bushes 3 feet before a brick building. We are so lucky no one was seriously injured.
    I finally came to asking what happened, confused because hot coffee was dripping on my leg. (later told her I thought the heater core in car had burst & leaked on me)
    The police and ambulance attended the scene. I refused to go with them. (I just needed to get home with all my gear) I was a absolute wreck, I knew this was end of my job and life as I knew it.
    Went to my doc next day and he said he will have to send a letter to DMV. Later that day work confirmed they had no place for me anymore.
    Lost my license for approx 3-4 months, While everyone focused on my HEART. (I told them it not my heart, but thats all they were concerned with the whole time.
    Well had my appointment and follow up's, including a stress test on the treadmill, a ultrasound, he checked my blood pressure sitting, standing up etc.
    He said all is well but meet with another specialist and if she agrees , then I get license back. Which she did and then DMV screwed me around for 5 weeks after the day she said I was ok.
    I am more STRESSED than day one NOW. and now no job to.PLUS no more disabilaty benifits available in few weeks. so want to force me back to work.
    Well last Sunday morn. I blacked out AGAIN in the shower. This time wife seen it happen start to finish. We were discusing what to do now???? and I felt weak again, I stopped talking and turned away because I felt that feeling again. Told her not well again, thats last thing I remember.
    She told me, she was starting to wash my back and told me I had goose bumps, and down I went. "Like somone cut my puppet strings".
    I don't even remember her touching me after turning away. I woke with water in my face and thrashed punching the tub.
    NOW the doctor listens to me and will let me know when my appointments for a CT scan, and a EEG? and appointments with a neurologist. & may revisit a cardiologist again.
    I have had severe headaches last few days and am weak/shaky. The head aches make me feel like I am going to be sick. I feel constant throbbing/pressure in my temples, And if I move my head I feel dizzy. my chest hurts constantly last 2 days.
    My dad mention something about how I used to just stop breathing in my moms arms as a infant, then says they though all my childhood I had a iron deficentey. Also has mentioned epilepsy in the family but thats it.
    Now Unable to work and no disability left I feel trapped and really scared.

    I had dropped once before all this about 3 years ago @ last job. I was standing at a work bench and felt similar weakness and dropped. I went to the hospital that time and they could never really tell me what happened.

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    Re: Blackouts while sitting or standing (3-4th one in 4-5 months)

    So I have a appointment on march 20 for a "CT scan of the brain with IV contrast".
    What would this be looking for?
    Also have a apointment on april 30 with a neurolgist.
    The severe headaches have become better most days.
    Chest pain still there.
    One thing I didn't mention before is I have been getting random shots of pain in my thighs. They feel like a just got stabbed. I get them in my forearms to.
    I could be talking to someone and BAM I get "stabbed", this leads to people wondering what happened.
    I hurt everywhere almost all the time, but mostly my back, chest, and knees.
    I am 33 and don't believe I should hurt this much, this often.
    Can ANYONE give me any thoughts as to what is happening to me?
    or things I should be asking the doctor about?
    At this point I have no choice but to return to work, even though I feel its unsafe to do so.

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    blackout, dizzy lightheaded nausea fatigue tired, epilepsy, weak and tired

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