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frankie5 12-26-2012 05:40 PM

My daughter has a tonic clonic seizure. When she went the next day for an eeg, the Nerologist put her on Keppra due to epileptiform activity in her occipital/temperal lobe through out the entire reading. Since then she has hallucinated( prescribed Ativan) Severe agression (prescribed B6) And has emergency diastat and meletonin due to not sleeping much. She still had problems, so Neuro sent her for veeg, which showed almost continuous spikes and events during the night and many during the day, but neuro now says he didn't see anything and because she has lost most of her ability to use the bathroom and has several accidents a day(school, home) and went from gifted student to making f's in a short time, sent her for a spinal Mri. What is he looking for and why is my 6 year old going through this? Can anyone help. If she is not having seizures, then why is she still on all these meds? And what are these spikes and events on her eeg's?

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