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danai 01-31-2013 07:53 AM

my head hurts for over a month!!!!
hello and excuse me for my bad english because i am greek!for over a month now i have several problems with my head..besides,two or three days i had very bad headaches that scared me enough!all the other days of the month i have little throbbing or stubbing pains that last for 3 or 5 seconds and remain all over the day..iam scared enough..i went to the ophthalmologist and neurologist too but found nothin clinical in order to order an mri or ct scan..iam soooo scsred...these head pains are always in the right side of my head especially in the right temple and isnt possible i think to have a migrane for over a month on a daily basis.iam scared to death because i think i have an aneyrusm ar tumor or smthing relly really bad...any help guys???

ladybud 01-31-2013 10:28 AM

Re: my head hurts for over a month!!!!
Are the headaches the only symptom you have, or are there other symptoms that started at about the same time? Any head trauma? Family history of migraines? Did the Dr give you any idea what he thought the headaches were from? Have you started any new meds or foods or supplements that could be a factor? Did the Dr give you anything to take for the headaches or advice? Because of your anxiety about this, I would ask the neurologist to do a CT, MRI or MRA just to rule out anything serious. I assume your BP is ok? BCP can cause migraines, so if recently started on birth control pills, that could be the culprit. Some additional info would be helpful. Does the sun cause headaches? Many Drs will do tests just to alleviate someon'es anxiety, but the answer may be simple and eliminate the need for an expensive test if the history is thoroughly examined.

danai 01-31-2013 12:00 PM

Re: my head hurts for over a month!!!!
well ,than you for the reply!my mother and my first cousin suffered a lot from migranes!!my doctor gave me some pills cibelium,in case that it is from migranes..but these stubbing pains exist!apart frome them as i said only two times i had bad headaches in one month.i dont have high blood pressure or something..i also dont have other symptoms such as nausea vommiting or other neurological symptom s as my doctor said!but these head pains exist all hese days during the month and also i have a sculp pain like hair are pulled out and hurts a bit...iam very very scared to death i think iam gonna die at any minute!

ladybud 01-31-2013 06:46 PM

Re: my head hurts for over a month!!!!
The fact that you have scalp pain would indicate there is a good likelihood there is muscle spasm involved, which can be the source of many headaches. Spasms in the neck and scalp muscles (small muscles most people aren't even aware of having) can cause headaches that hurt a lot but are not serious. There are overlap or mixed headaches that are both migraine and muscle tension. A good medicine for that is Midrin, and older med, but has a migraine and skeletal muscle relaxant component in it. Also available in generic. Massage can be very helpful, both neck and scalp massage, in reducing the muscle tension. These headaches are often related to stress. So, don't worry about dying from a brain tumor before you get treated appropriately for the most common sources of headache. If these treatments don't work, by all means insist on more tests, such as CT scan or MRI.

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