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  • Widespread Muscle Twitches - Anyone else have this??

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    Old 09-07-2017, 06:54 AM   #1
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    CheeseCurd49 HB User
    Widespread Muscle Twitches - Anyone else have this??

    I am so frustrated I have no idea what else to do. Currently I am suffering with generalized body wide muscle twitching. They initially started in December of this year after I had a twitch in my right shoulder. I decided to google the symptoms and ended up in the worst panic of my life. I thought at first it could be MS and I then learned of ALS and my twitches exploded all over. I went to a neurologist in March who did not want to do the EMG and she said it was something called benign fasciculation syndrome. It took some time but the twitches became less frequent but never went away. In July I had a full physical and my GP stated it was nothing and could be attributed to stress or somatization of symptoms. I began an accelerated nursing program and now I can't concentrate because I am scared to death again because the twitching has come back.

    My biggest problem is the unbelievable amount of discrepancy there is related to the subject. You can look on any site and it states that "muscle twitching" is a sign of MND. There are people who have been diagnosed who say they started out with twitching as their first symptoms. There are people in their 20s saying they have been diagnosed with the illness. Then there are hoards of people who state twitching is related to anxiety and stress. That it is benign if no other symptoms are present. I just do not know what to think.

    I am 27 and have never been diagnosed with GAD or anything but I have had a very stressful childhood. Maybe I do need to see a psychiatrist?

    If anyone has these issues please let me know. I would love to discuss them I hate this so much

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    TimAlley HB UserTimAlley HB User
    Re: Widespread Muscle Twitches - Anyone else have this??

    I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.

    I am very familiar with fasciculations. I twitch 24 hours a day. I have seen neurologists as well as neuromuscular specialists.

    Let me say that you do not have ALS. Fasciculations as the first symptom is highly unusual. Additionally, at your age ALS iis exceedingly rare.

    What you do have is a very stressful life. You have anxiety as do all of us that twitch because we all looked up our symptoms.

    I wish I could give you advice on how to make twitching stop, but I have none. In time it will go away or be a nuisance at worst. The only thing I will tell you is thst as each day passes you will slowly realize that you do not have a neuromuscular disease.

    Take care,


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    MiaLuna HB User
    Re: Widespread Muscle Twitches - Anyone else have this??

    Yes, I am 31 and have recently developed all over muscle twitching. It was driving me crazy. I have recently been through a hurricane where afterwards, we were sprayed heavily with Organophosphate (nerve agent) pesticides. I've had muscle cramps, twitching, eye twitches, ever since the aerial spraying. Check your area to see if there is any spraying going on currently. It's increasingly common and highly unregulated. The thing is, is that any "disease" is actually a symptom of our highly toxic environment. Just look up organophosphates, uses, symptoms. It inhibits acetylcholinesterase. Look up the word and see how it affects muscle twitching and spasms.

    We can't control everything, but we can protect ourselves and control our immediate environment and nourish our bodies. Whether or not it's spraying in your area, you most likely have a magnesium deficiency. I started taking Magnesium Glycinate last week, and my muscle twitches have decreased, almost completely. Most people are deficient in this nutrient, I've learned, due to soil depletion and poor diet, and magnesium is responsible for over 300 processes in our body. It plays a major role in the central nervous system. You could also try looking up other nutrients for central nervous system.
    You don't have a disease, you have symptoms and are at "dis-ease". Good luck!

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    tonyb24 HB Usertonyb24 HB User
    Re: Widespread Muscle Twitches - Anyone else have this??

    Hi, 25/m.
    I’ve had this since kid. But when kid it was very light, and intermittent. But there was a turning point where it quite suddenly switched to more frequent and violent bursts. I suspect in my case it is isaac’s syndrome. Essentially, there is something causing over-activity, and this constant over activity causes some parts of muscle systems to wear out with time, such as the ability to relax muscles quickly.

    There are very peculiar feelings I would use to describe it. Especially constant, repetitive very fast twiches that twitch in a way you can measure in Hz, and feels like a constant electrical discharge in the affected muscle. Sometimes, its really light, so you dont feel the twich, but you feel the reverb of it in the otherwise relaxed rest of the muscle.
    Some mucsles seem overexited sometimes, they “tingle” like there is current in them, but no twitching. Sometime poking causes twiches at those areas, or flexing and relaxing muscle feels like muscle is slow to relax.

    Sometimes, when area feels like it is “over-exited” it is like that over excitation acts as a jamming signal for other stimuli from that area, so its fuzzy a little bit (like the body map (Proprioception) is blurry/“low resolution” in that area during this over-excitation). Sometimes, this causes powerful songular twiches with a weird “echo” effect (like, idn, that small patch of muscle got activated so quick, its like not possible to activate muscle like that myself, its like over-voltage echo effect, not painful tho, idn, maybe can describe as feeling of heat?). Sometimes, the twiches are very fast and repetitive at a specific frequency. When muscle is “over-excited” I can like pull start it like a lawn mower (flex and release, then Affected muscle 💪 fIbre starts to twitch at specific frequency for seconds, minutes, hours, or days, with overlayed patterns of frequency and force and changes in frequency and force sometimes. When it stops it is sudden and direct, like “woah!”).
    At night, when I close my eyes, there is someweird stuff that goes on. More and more, larger and larger sections of body are covered in small patches of muscle that are prone to being “over-excited”.
    When it is particularly bad, I get myoclonic jerks. Lots of em, and these leave long lasting “echo” effects. They are myoclonic, it again feels like “not me”, but as if it is different than the twiches, like different signal source (different origin in brain). It seems like they are caused when there is a lot of noise caused by over-excitation EVERYWHERE causing proprioception problems and weird effects where its like my limb is still there but idn, there is sudden myoclonic jerk, leg moves but its weird, and then there is an after effect from the jerk). When I close eyes, its like the room starts to change orientation rapidly up, down, up, down. Feels like eyes start tracking the motion, then its like mucles on scalp on back of head start being over excited and cause tightness in areas syncronised with the up, down “motion”. It feels like the motion is caused by the noise from the over excitation, causing decreased resolution in proprioception, which causes the updown feeling.
    Oh yeah, there is rippling effect in fingers. Fingers twich a little, randomly, sometimes fore-arm pulls finger, sometimes between fingers pulls fingers side to side, sometimes tiny jolts in tips of fingers causing tiny little pinching effect on skin. If I use hand, sometimes I use a muscle, at it has delay to relax, so to continue motion I want, there is resistance (like, previous action is continued involuntarily by twiching muscle fibre groups).
    Hmm. There is other stuff, but imma stop.

    I think basically there are four brakets of this.
    Benign faciculation syndrome
    Cramp faciculation syndrome
    Morvan’s syndrome

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