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Fran4 05-11-2004 03:29 AM

wobbly feeling in legs to ankles?
I have been having strange jittery feelings in my legs, from my knees down. It feels like my legs should be weak, but I can stand, sit, walk fine. Also when I walk on the tips of my toes it feels wobbly in my left ankle. It started out as pain in my thighs and knees, I think from sitting at my desk all day, then tingling in toes and feet, kind of an allover achy feeling in legs, bothered me at night, felt like I had to move my legs. I looked it up on the net and am convinced i have ALS.

Is this muscle weakness? I keep having the symptoms (esp twitching, since I read that was a symptom). I feel funny all over, but I can't tell if I am weak or nervous or what. It's a strange sensation, like a vibration, I can almost hear my heart beating. I keep making myself run, walk on my toes and heels, checking my knee jerk reflex. Now my calves are twitching, but I don't know it's because I overexerted myself.

I went to a doctor yesterday but all she did was check my hand grip and look at my eyes, she didn't do anything else, she said it was not a motor neuron problem but I'm not convinced. She did check my veins with an ultrasound.

How do you know the difference between real, clinical weakness and the sensation of weakness? Like I feel my hands are weak, my knees are weak, my ankles but then I can grip hard, push hard, and so on. But then my legs feel rubbery after running up the stairs and that freaks me out all over again.
Right now I am absolutely quaking with fear, I even had a cigarette after years of quitting smoking. Yesterday was so bad I felt like I didn't want to live anymore, not like this but I'm going to die anyway, from ALS, right?
I apologize for going on like this.

I am 32, female.

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