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reneeintx 05-30-2003 09:23 AM

Help..having a water running down leg sensation
Does anyone here experience this? If feels like rain drops running down your legs or little water droplets being sprayed on your face.

I'm having neurological problems at the moment but never experienced this. :(


feel_like_im_drowning 06-19-2003 12:51 PM

Renee, I feel exactly the same thing!! Prior to this, I had felt coolness in my extremities (hands and feet) which was localized and I thought, no big deal. After (stupidly) having a chriopractor adjust my neck and back, the feeling of running water began. It seems to be worse when I lie on my back without my legs being elevated. The feeling of being sprayed by rain, occurs all over my body. The sprayed by rain thing is incredibly annoying and irritating, and is at times, painful.

dRowning (Mike)
awaiting outcome of cervical MRI...

reneeintx 06-19-2003 04:56 PM

When you get the result of your cervical mri please post it! I don't have another neuro appt til August. I've just about given up on my post because noone answered. It's lonely thinking you're the only one with a freaky problem.

I've had an emg/nvc due to "twitching, anxiety, and hyperthyroid) problems. The twitching is what scared me most because people with Lou Gerhig's disease have it. :( My tests were clean. But now I have the ickky water spraying me sensation. I feel like I'm at disney world with those srayers misting me. A mist here, a mist there. I keep wiping my legs or my face and there's nothing there??

My gosh, I hope the chiropracter didn't screw up your back!! I've never been to one. I've always been leary of them.

I hope your mri is clean.

Renee :)

feel_like_im_drowning 06-20-2003 06:54 AM

I hear ya! I've been scouring the boards for two weeks or so trying to find a post with that in it! My primary care doc (*insert much angst here*) will be back by the 25th so I 'll get the results and post them then. Then, crazily enough, it's the long wait until August for me also.

One of the worst things about this whole thing is that you're always double-checking yourself. Is that feeling real or just the nerves? I wonder if there's some common nerve that regulates the way the body experiences temperature (because the rain feels cold) and something's irritating it?

Thanks for the well wishes! Hope things turn out A-ok in August for you!

dRowning (Mike)...

14allall41 07-11-2003 02:02 AM

I have gotten these sensations of spray. I have also all of a sudden felt as though I was standing chest deep in water. I feel the wet, cold and pressure of the water. My body is completely dry. I have also had my legs actually become instantly soaking wet, and they are soaking wet. I had every test that they know of and it boiled down to panic attack symptoms. That is not to say that you do not have some underlying condition such as thyroid causing the attacks. I also get attacks where my entire body is on fire or under electric shock. I would get tests to rule out a condition causing it and if you find nothing then try to learn to ignore it. It is irritating and scary at first, but it won't hurt you. Good luck my Friends

feel_like_im_drowning 07-18-2003 03:10 PM

Ok, here's an update on my status... :)

Cervical MRI -- negative. Nothing going on there.
However, I didn't let it rest. I went ahead and got an MRI of my lumbar area, and there are some bulging discs down there, and a lesion...which sounds pretty scary to me, but at least I know what's going on. I'm slated to go in for a bonescan this coming week.

I've also found that working out does help somewhat...

How are you holding up, Renee?

~dRowning (Mike)

feel_like_im_drowning 07-18-2003 03:12 PM

Wow...that sounds freaking scary 14...I've had symptoms of panic attack as well, but strangely never before this year (racing heart esp). I'm on a beta-blocker right now, so maybe that will help also. Thanks for the input!

~dRowning (Mike)

reneeintx 07-19-2003 05:37 PM


That's great that you found out what's causing it. I think many people have bulging discs. I've been reading up on medical information and it seems lesions are often found too. Now which one do you think is causing the "water sensation" I've never had an mri. Did the doc say anything about what he might think the lesion is? I'm thinking good thoughts for you this week with your bone scan.

Your persistence paid off :D All I get is,"it's all in my head" and if I'd relax and take these pills these strange, annoying symptoms will disappear...YEAH RIGHT!! ~sigh~

wishing the best for you!

Renee :)

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curious76 03-10-2005 12:14 AM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
Any updates? I have this too. It came for a few weeks, went away, now is back. It feels like a quick, fine spray of water that can happen anywhere on the body. I've had all the MRIs and bloodwork, which were fine.

Skybuf 07-14-2005 12:38 PM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
WOW I thought I was dreaming when I'd feel water on my ankles and legs....
Good to know I'm not alone. Anyone get a full diagnosis of this "thing" happening. What causes it? Any concerns? I wipe my legs and nothing is!

grahamh 07-22-2005 04:09 PM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
I get this as well. I do have both motor and sensory problems in both legs, so it doesn't worry me. It does feel most peculiar though, and is made worse for me as the side where it happens is the side I wear my incontinence bag, so it causes instant panic that some horrid crisis has occurred! It seems to happen more when I'm standing still, so I wonder if it's pressure from my calliper, when I shift my weight to or from that side.
Hope this is reassuring!

tdister 06-05-2006 12:44 PM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
I have had these sensations for a couple of months too. Mine actually started out as electrical sensations (highly localised when they happened, but could happen ANYWHERE on body, seemingly randomly). Within the last month they have changed to more of the water drop sensations, again random, localised when they did "hit" and anywhere (from my scalp to my lip, my leg, shoulder, ear, hands...

"Localised" probably isn't the best term here, one time it felt like someone had brushed a cold wet 1.5" paintbrush across my temple and ear, but besides that they have been like the size of tiny raindrops hitting me.

It feels exactly like it's just atarting to "sprinkle" on me (I still get the electric sensations sometimes as well). Sometimes they will go away for hours or days, rarely longer than that. I also have small muscle spasms/twitches, not the whole muscle, just a small part of my leg arm or face.

I had some anxiety and depression before/when this started but it has pretty well gone away. I had one doc. put me on buspirone(buspar) for anxiety, but the immediate effects were bad and I couldn't take it. Otherwise, they didn't have a clue. Just wondering if anyone has any updates/suggestions. Thank you.

Misswings 06-22-2006 08:38 AM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
[B]Hi all! :wave:

I have these feelings as well, some times I feel like someone had sprinkled Ice cold water on my back, and some times I feel like warm water is running down my leg, I have been to the Doctor and had some test done, and they said I have peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage), but I also have a lot of other SX's, I also have a lot of pins and needles sensations in my feet and in my left elbow, and a numb toe, and a lot of other SX's, so I'm not sure if the strange sensations are related, I am seeing a Neurologist and he is wanting to do a lumbar puncture, spinal & brain MRI to rule out MS, I will keep you all posted & please do the same, we all need each other! :D

Prayers to all[/B] :angel:

wobblyboots 07-11-2006 04:50 PM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
i had that wet feel 2yrs ago then some tingling then numbness /went to chiro 2 times both said will fix /6/6 /06 dxd MS/i wish i had 2yrs of treatment/dont trust chiro quack now i walk like duck:bouncing:

SCROGDOG 08-06-2006 07:00 PM

Re: Help..having a water running down leg sensation
:dizzy: It's good to know that I'm not just feeling things. I started with some double vision, and some numbness in my face and arm. I didn't mention it to my doc, figured he'd say I was CRAZY. Could it really be MS? Had an MRI last week, awaiting results.

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