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perfectann 04-20-2012 10:50 PM

Yet another mystery illness
I've been posting on several boards hoping that someone will come across my post and have a good suggestion. So, for the umpteenth time...

Previous Diagnoses:
Neurocardiogenic syncope (kinda)
Slight spina bifida

Severe low back pain & sciatica (yet undiagnosed)
Constant fatigue
Hand tremors
Episodes of widespread skin hypersensitivity
Joint pain/aches, especially in hands and knees
Episodes of intense knee pain that jolts me awake at night
Many joints "pop" and "crack" with movement (painless)
Chronic postnasal drip (year-round, all the time)
Acid reflux/intense burning/stabbing stomach pain that lasts for hours
Episodes of heart rate ~200 bpm for no apparent reason
Vertigo (separate from dizziness pre-syncope)
Problems falling asleep and staying asleep
BP has always been low (not good low, low low)
Mind "fogs" that may or may not be due to dealing with all of the above

That's just what came to mind right now. I might be missing some things.

Recently, the hand tremors developed. I used to have super-steady hands (I do dissections and people had commented on how steady my hands were, even under pressure). But in the last 2 months or so, I have a hard time performing pretty much anything that requires fine motor skills. I thought it had something to do with the Adderall I was on or my caffeine intake, so I tried quitting both for a while. Nothing. It doesn't seem any worse with or without those things (unless I have both in my system at once).

The back pain has been going on for 2 or 3 years now and the current theory is that it's a soft tissue thing that just needs physical therapy. 3 PTs later, I'm making little headway. MRI's clean, X-rays are clean (except the spina bifida, which they say isn't bad enough to cause problems).

The vertigo started after I passed out one evening and my head bounced off a brick wall and landed on the cement floor. This was months ago and the vertigo has gotten better, but I still deal with it at least a few times a day.

Yes, I know 200 bpm is unbelievable and no human can count that fast. I had to take my BP monitor with the stored reading of 193 to show my doc so he'd believe me. BP does not significantly increase during these episodes. They are NOT panic attacks and seem to have no trigger.

Right now it seems like it might be some kind of nerve dysfunction/hypersensitivity thing. I know there's talk about IBS and this. I'm terrified of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My psych and I tried Cymbalta to see if it helped with the pain, but it just made me sleep 16 hours a day.

So...please help? Oh, I'm 22 and a female, if that makes a difference.

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