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xycc12 10-02-2012 09:18 AM

My butt pain is gone!!!
I want to share with you how I get rid off my butt pain.

My job require me sitting all day long. Usually I try to get up every hour or so to stretch. About two month ago I had a very tight deadline and I was too busy to get up for several days. Then the butt pain started and it was so severe that I could not sit for 10 minutes. I tried stretching, calcium and heating pads. Nothing really helped me. Then finally I used 5 minutes to kill the pain.

I ran on my treadmill on speed 4 for five minutes. After the running, my pain was totally gone! I'm not a runner and can not run too fast. But that 5 minutes saved my life. So I just want to share this to all fellow suffers. Hope this can help you!

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