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I really need some advice...

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Old 10-24-2007, 10:45 PM   #1
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Angela37 HB User
I really need some advice...

My husband and I had moved here 2.5 years ago from michigan, and right toward the end of us leaving I was beginning to get more and more of these problems with pain and such.

Well, My husband had picked the Pimary Care doctor right before I moved down. in the course of the year and a half I have seen this man about 12 times. He has maybe written me presriptions for Zyrec (allergies) and a couple antibotics once or twice, thats it. I told him about my pain level and he didnt do any tests or anything....He said
'oh you got one of those WOMAN THINGS...its probably like that Fibromaygia or something'. Just take some tylenol or something.
' The next 6 months go by. I tell him how horrible this really is, tylenol doesnt help, I am really wanting to go up here to this pain management center and see if they can help me. He said he would no longer be my PCP if I went there, and he wouldnt give them the refereal. I said so what do I do?

He said "so do u want drugs?" I said "not really, I would just like to know what was going on so I could figureout how to start treating it, maybe I need a surgery or physical therapy could help." I told him my biggest concern was my job. I work with the one hand all day 8 hrs a day...i have to work with tools and instruments and the pain running down my rt. neck elbows, shoulders, arms and hand...i just want to cut the dang thing off sometimes. He didnt agree to do any testing saying again " oh its just the fibromyagia, he said it'll clear and go away....just hang in there! "Well it didnt, and it got worse and worse, to the point I would lay awake til 4am if i did fall asleep for maybe an hr...wake up...pain pain...then that was my night...had to be up to get the kids up for school and to work.... I finally then went back in and said if i do have to live with this for awhile, and you just please be kind to prescibe some mild sleep aid. Well, he prescibed *****n. But by the time they would call it into the pharmacy sometimes weeks would lapse before I had anything again. THe whole time though I am telling him that I wanted something different than *****n, beause to the headaches I woke with in the AM. He said "nah it works doesnt it,then just stay on it." I told him how i saw Rozerm on the tv it said it is not habit forming and narcotic...and I try this..also my ins has that listed as an alternate drug, so the copay for it is only $5. Still nah just keep it as it is. After a year of convincing him the pain level is just really not getting any better....he is like alright fine...I am not going to give you pain meds, I said thats fine. But If i can get some help here in figuring out what is going on, maybe I could help someway other than drugs. He said that threre was only one woman he would refer me to for pain management only because he knew she got into accupunture and massage alot and she stirred away from the drugs. I said ok....

Well, I have been recieving treatment from her for over. She tells me all the time how much better I am looking, she knows the treatment helps me.
She ordered test that my primary care giver would not. The Brain scan, bloodwork, etc. Well the electro stimulator tests indicated I have Perphial and sensory Neuropathy 45% damage in my left foot, 30% left knee, 30% on Rt foot 25% right ankle 25% at the base of my skull 45% RT. Elbow and 45% RT, 10% lt. elbow and 25% left hand. These are the precentages of how much nerve damaged was indicated in each of these areas. My blood work
showed that my Amemia levels were way down, I had to go into the hospital for 2 mos and have 3 iron infusions done. My vita D they had to bump back up to 50,000iu a week, and my B12 injections had to be restarted.
She got me going on the correct vitam dosages to try and help with that,
and as far as the Neuropathy she wanted to get me going on some things that might help. She put me on several different combos...but the winning
combo that seemed to help is the lyrica and the opana atleast once a day. They still wanted me to take the cymbalta because it can affect my moods.
Of course the *****n I never liked, wanted to change it forever--but they still didnt. Well, I could tell that when my doctor got results on some of this stuff he didnt say much. It was under scunity I could tell. I hadnt had to go back much to see him for anything for about 6 mos, i was sick. He got all snickity at this and said "so Dr P is just your doctor now, why are u even coming here? I said you refered me to her for the fibromalygia and told me to go there." He said "yes , but I asked her to treat your fibromalgia. I said well dr p says its not fibromlaygia its Neuopathy, he said no it is fibromalygia.!" So he says "is there any point to u coming here anymore?" I said "yes,she just treats the neuropathy she wont see me for colds or anything else but that. You treat the rest of my family. I still need to see you for other stuff."
He said well you havent been here for over 6 mos "I said well I havent been sick, other than with the neuropathy stuff (he corrected me--Fibromayglia u mean?)
Well then, I guess she faxed him a copy of the tests that proved the neuropathy--which i diddint get the feeling he even looked at-- then a comment was made in there that she wanted to further refer me to the ENDOCRONGLIST on my anmeia and low blood counts. I went to him 1 time and he was in the middle of doing an evluation on me because he thought I exhibited some of the signs of Cushings Syndrome, and then he wanted me to be refered to the Blood Disease Doctor that doctor insisted that i needed the iron infusions done in the hospital.

I went back to take my son in one day. He walked into the room all pissy again. He said you are going to all these doctors?? I said well I only went to the one you refered me to....and she refered me to the other two but I swear I only went to them 2 times. I also, mentioned the fact that no one has stratragtened out my *****n issue. I would rather try something different and not as strong. Then the man finally went off on me! He are going against the are going to go to jail for this or your going to end up dead. He said "your shopping for doctors, and trying to get this *****n from them". I looked at him and for doctors??
I went to the one that u refered..he said "yes but I didn't refere alll those other doctors she did, so appearntly I wasnt supposed to go to the docs that his refering doc said i should. And again I told him I am not seekin narcotics..i just want something to help my sleeping and i dont really want the *****n either, thats just the one u keep saying to take! He wanted me to quit all treatment with her, all meds the lyrica and opana i was having sucess with. He did not want me to see the endocrlogist or anemia doctors she refered to. Just go back to him and do nothing--oh and get off the ambein too.

So then i get this real formal letter in the mail. He says I am no longer going to be your PCP for you....but I will still see the rest of your family. Then he states I am breaking the law, because i asked him about the *****n and it just happens to be a Naracotic, and no patients can ask there docter for a narcotic. He says that should I contiune my pain management care with the
dr he orginally refered that it was going to be turned into the proper channels about my usuage of drugs and that I would loose all rights to be treated for pain should i ever get an an accident or anything. Man he surely made this whole thing a mountain out of a mole hill! Because of his treats i just threw away all my meds. Discontined my care with Dr P I told her yes I need treatment and I felt so much better but if he was going to pursue this or get me in trouble it just wasnt worth losing my rights over of being treated in an ER situation. I know my anemia is going to get back again. Just the past week i have taken no meds and I can hardley even lift my arm. He made the point that if I got another PCP this would all be dually noted in my health history. I have only known this Dr for 2 1/2 year he just was so nice before, now just icky! I never had to use medicine for anything in my life, few antibotics, and some zyrtec maybe thats it. Over this damn *****n...i didnt want it in the first place, and i taking way less medicine that she prescibes and they are stronger than any of that *****n stuff. I just want to sleep 3-4 at a time and not at 3am. This staying awake til 4am thing and getting up at 6am and the 10 wake-up in between just kill me after about 2 weeks~

My other dr.p doesnt like what he did. She suggested maybe wait about 6mos-a year and then get a new PCP...and dont say anything about him at all.Just that I had seen her at one point in the past...I don't know...I think he did me pretty crummy....I know I did nothing wrong and dr.p said that too. Any ideas? See I have been taken this medicine during the summer its been masking the that its been so many days without any man I can see how much worse it really is! Its going to be really hard to wait all this out.
My luck--the first time I even have to use any strong medicines and they belt me like this! I just dont believe it~

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brianpain33 HB Userbrianpain33 HB User
Re: I really need some advice...

I feel really sorry that you have had to endure this type of mistreatment from a doctor. If I were you I would seriously get a free consulation with an attorney that handles medical mistreatment and tell them your story to see if anything can be done. I bet this doctor would have a whole change of heart when it's somebody "coming" after him to get him in trouble.

I don't normally tell me to consult an attorney but this type of treatment was out of line, unjustified, and down right cruel. You were only there because you wanted to be treated for your pain. I know what it is like to have pain becuase I have chronic nerve pain. I went to a pain management doctor that wasn't very nice but does not even compare to what your doctor did. It's hard enough trying to deal with the pain and then you come up against a doctor that you have to argue and fight against.

That is just my thoughts, and I hope your situation improves.

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horseluver5 HB User
Re: I really need some advice...

Angela I am real sorry to hear about your problem with your doctor he is totally out of line with the way he treated you, he should have sent you in for those test when you went to him for help. If I were you I would do as Brian suggested and go see an attorney I would think it would be considered malpractice since he didn't treat you according to the way a doctor should. I can't imagine the anguish you have had to endure at the hands of that man someone like him doesn't even deseve to be called a doctor. You should at least file a complaint against him to the medical board, they would probably do an investigation into his practice I would bet that he has other complaints against him.

In the meantime you should continue going to the other doctor that is treating you for the neuropathy and other problems and go to the doctors she referred you to. DON'T stop taking your medications that are helping just because of that jerk, your health and wellbeing are the most important things right now. If you have not been "seeking" narcotics as he says then you have nothing to worry about, your past medical records will tell your story for you. It took you a long time to finally get relief for your problem and you shouldn't stop what your doing it takes too long to build all that again.

It sounds like to me that your doctor is lacking confidence in himself and by you going to another doctor it makes him fell less than the GOD that he thinks he is. It's your life, your body, and your health don't let some jerk qwack tell you how to take care of yourself.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, I hope you get all this resolved soon. Please stand up for yourself and tell that doctor to take a flying leap!

Old 10-26-2007, 07:20 AM   #4
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Angela37 HB User
Re: I really need some advice...

My husband is really mad at all this. I got a call from Dr. P office, saying that be prepared he called her talking about pushing this farther.

I have been thinking about getting a refereal to the university hospital 3 hrs away, but she said I need a refereal from the PCP of course.

I havent slept in days, and worked 10 hrs yesterday, but the time I hit the edge of town my hand drawled so bad it didnt quit spasming all night. I told my husband i was going to work on becoming ampsterdexitrous..I will have alot longer career...I am not joking....I have started using my left hand for everything these last few days.

Thanks for your thoughts.

This PCP used to be really nice when I first met him 2 years ago. He was involved in a motor vechicle accident 6 mos ago, and killed the other driver. The driver was on a motorcycle. Since then he has really become a whole different person, really mean like...his calm gentle manner is gone. This is probably the only reason I havent talked to an attorney yet...But how does he think I feel?

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