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CocoKai 06-02-2008 03:37 PM

Post Viral Laryngeal Neuropathy
Does anyone have this??? I was sick in Oct. 2007 with a small cold that seemed to go to my throat. I had the sensation of breathing difficulties and coughing, especially while walking. Albuterol, Pulmicort, etc. never worked. Beginning of the year, I had the sensation of stuff caught in my throat, waves up and down my larynx. After MANY doctors and many diagnosis, this is what I got...I guess. I've been on Neurontin, no luck. Now I'm on Lyrica but the tingling, pain, strangling, object sensation, etc. seems worse, not better. There is a location under my jaw and on top of my salivary gland that I can push and it just throbs.....all evil stems from this spot.

Seeing how this appears to be an uncommon disease, I can find very little information on it and no fellow sufferers. I've had every test and all are clear. Doctors say that these nerves are to small to see in a CAT, MRI, etc. Looking for any other people out there to compare notes with and methods of ridding myself of this pain in the throat.

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