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treefire51 09-05-2008 02:04 PM

nerve hit by needle
my nerve was hit when the dr was drawing blood. I still have numbness and pain in my arm after a month now. Im going for a emg test will this tell me if i have perament nerve damage or will it get better.

momtobaby1 09-06-2008 09:23 AM

Re: nerve hit by needle
I posted almost the exact same question a few days ago, except mine is an IV issue rather than having blood drawn. I had an IV put in before surgery nearly a month ago and even now I still get pain in my hand and wrist area and weird tingling shock feelings. I too am concerned it will not get better. I heard there is a test that can be done to check for nerve damage, that is probably what you are having done. I hope it gives you some answers! If my situation doesn't get better then I am going to go see someone about this. I will be mentioning it at my upcoming GP appt. in a few days but it's likely she won't really know anything about it.

Good luck, it's rather scary isn't it!

IrishEyes08 09-10-2008 02:55 PM

Re: nerve hit by needle
Hi there, new to this site. Wow this happened me too (everyone ive spoken to (dr) have told me its extremely rare, my ulnar nerve was damaged by a dr drawing blood 3 years ago, i have had every test going but nothing showed as the injury is tiny - but this still can cause severe pain, as your nerve are so sensitive. I have tried oral medications, which im still on and pain patches, also had nerve blocks, trigger injections, accuputure but unfortunately nothing has worked for me. They say the next step is Spinal Cord Stimulation. If your tests come back negative, keep the pressure on and make sure you get the rght medication that suits you, i had to try a few before i found the one that worked for me. I hope your is not that servere and will heal.

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