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JMR 11-14-2002 12:52 AM

Ulnar Entrapment, TOS, Spreading Nerve Pain
I had an ulnar entrapment surgery 2 years ago, when I was 23. The arm swelled to double it's size, and got black and blue. My blood vessels began to swell from ice, so I had some blood tests done to see if I had a disease that was causing it. I was told that it was because my immune system had topped out, and something about an excess of a kind of protein in my blood. They gave me Claritin, and it went away in 4 months. Since then I have had a lot of nerve pain, which had already been present in the leg on that side. It got worse and started spreading to the other side, so I was put on 1200mg of Neurontin (Gabapentin). I had an MRI of my head and spine, and don't have MS. I have been recently diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome on both sides. It's much worse on the side where I had the surgery. Could TOS be the reason for the surgery going so bad? What else could the problems with my blood mean? I've had very little explanation from my doctor, and am going somewhere else.

NancyH 11-15-2002 05:12 PM

Hi neighbor!!! I don't know about you but I would insist on seeing your lab and diagnostic test results, sound like they dont' really know what happened and that is why you're getting a meaningless explanation. What does topped out mean anyway? Maybe THEY goofed up and are putting the blame on your system. Demand a more detailed reason for it or get your records and run.

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