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pearlandmary 02-09-2011 10:29 AM

Has anyone tried Celadrin for diabetic foot pain?
My husband has foot pain, needle pain on his shoulders, buttocks . He is a diabetic but its under corntrol. He is under the doctor's care but the neuropathy has not gotten better , he is taking Gabapentin 600mg 3xday . We have tried different foot creams for diabetic foot pain etc , vitamins B's and anything else you can think off.
A friend of ours told me to try Celadrin that it worked for his Aunt.
Has anyone tried it and how was it for you?


tingles 02-13-2011 09:33 AM

Re: Has anyone tried Celadrin for diabetic foot pain?
Well, you may need to consider that your husband's neuropathy will not get better. My neuropathy is idiopathic and is in my legs, feet, and hands. I might suggest Lyrica for relief. This has been good for me. Also if your husband is seeing a psychiatrist they might prescribe Cymbalta or Amatriptlyne (spelling). These help with neuropathy as well as depression.

minstrel2 02-13-2011 03:26 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Celadrin for diabetic foot pain?
Some have had some success with Alpha Lipoic Acid, which seems to help with the burning of neuropathy, also B vitamins, which are formulated for nerve support. I take both. My neuropathy is not from diabetes, but if you search these threads for discussions on supplements like I mentioned, you should gain more info.
I have only used the topical Celadrin, which helps with arthritis pain.

ethan268 04-30-2011 09:55 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Celadrin for diabetic foot pain?
My grandpa has been diagnosed with diabetes foot pain. I wanted to know which therapy will work best for him as he has diabetes as well as is suffering from liver disorders. I have heard anodyne therapy is best for him as it is non-invasive.

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Ruby8 05-01-2011 05:04 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Celadrin for diabetic foot pain?
Hi Mary - Following up on the good information Tingles provided, most people with neuropathy take Gabapentin or Lyrica, whichever works best for them. These two meds are in a class called anticonvulsants. If the Gabapentin has provided some degree of relief for your husband, that's good, if not, switching to Lyrica may be worth a try.

In addition to an anticonvulsant med, many people find additional relief from neuropathic pain by taking an antidepressant, most commonly the meds Tingles mentioned, Cymbalta or Amtriptyline. You do not need to be seeing a psychiatrist to take these drugs. Many people don't want to take these drugs, because they're not depressed and don't want to be characterized as a depressed person. However, depression isn't the point when these drugs are prescribed for neuropathic pain. The point is they really do relieve neuropathic pain. I'm going to add a post about Cymbalta after I finish this reply; you may want to read that post.

Best to you, Ruby

Aussie100 05-02-2011 02:05 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Celadrin for diabetic foot pain?
Hi, usually with diabetic causation of nerve pain, the most distal peripheral extremities are affected first [ both feet] then travells up the legs then the hands are next, symptoms can be any or all of the following, burning, tingling, pain and sharp jabbing feelings also balance can be affected if there is damage to the larger nerves.

I would suggest he see a neuro that specializes in neuropathy to get evaluated properly, not all neuro's know a lot about neuropathy.

good luck

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