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Berries 11-07-2011 07:01 AM

Foot Drop after Peroneal Nerve cut
My husband had surgery to fix a torn meniscus in his knee, at the same time the doctor removed a cyst that supposedly was only pressing on the peroneal nerve. He removed the cyst and about 2/3 of the peroneal nerve (he said the nerve was "involved"). Anyway, he left enough of the nerve for my husband to have constant feel like his leg and foot are on fire, super sensitivty on the left side top of the foot, and drop foot. He cauterized the ends he cut so I don't think the nerve will be able to reconnect. His gait is getting worse and the ankle weaker. He has fallen several times now because the ankle will "roll". He also having muscle spasms big time.
They gave him a AFO to wear.Big plastic looking thing that comes up almost to the back of the knee but it is rubbing sores on the leg and rubs the ankle raw. Does anyone know of a brace or anything that might help him with the symptoms I have listed? The altered gait is causing him to have alot of hip, knee and back pain.
Have been considering the TOE OFF or something in that range.
Also has anyone used the NMES or FES electrical stimulators? Do they work if the peroneal nerve is mostly not connected?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

katrae 08-27-2012 01:51 PM

Re: Foot Drop after Peroneal Nerve cut
Hi Berries, did your husband get help with a better brace? How are things going for him now? I see your post was dated last November. I also had the nasty plastic brace for awhile; horrid thing. My nerve was damaged in a hip replacement surgery. Now I wear a Velcro brace around my ankle, it hooks into a strap positioned under my shoe laces. I've had drop foot for five months now without a lot of improvement. Although I must say I'm learning to adapt a bit and can wear sandals at times. Will see surgeon again at end of September, always hoping he can give me better news. Taking 600 mg of Neurontin daily. It helps a great deal with the buzzing, prickling feelings. My biggest fear is the numbness and my balance being thrown off. Major concerns of falling at age 67. I want to go back to being the active person I was...................

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