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goose7 06-26-2012 02:19 PM

Help want to chop my finger off!
Hi new to this forum found it trying yet again to Google my symptoms and coming up with nothing hoping someone here might be able to help.
A few years ago I first started noticing a pain to the left side of my ring finger nail (left hand) at first pain was only when I would knock the area off something by accident applying a certain pressure to it. Gradually the pain has been getting worse and worse. When I knock the area off something now it its like an intense pain kindof shooting and will last for several minutes. It seems to radiate as well up my arm towards the front of my chest area left side. It also seems to affect now my pink finger amd middle finger of that same side. It's worse that the pain is not just occurring when I hit the finger but also on it'd own coming in waves. Colder temperature seems to make it worse. No real visible changes sometimes I think i can see a darker red tinge to the nail side where the pain is and sometimes a red line on the skin beside it. Sometimes I get the pain during through night and it wakes me up. A few weeks ago I had some small reddish lumps on through the tip of the ring finger that looked like they were water filled they have gone now. Doctors at a complete loss don't take it seriously, any help apprepreciated!
For background, I am left handed use a keyboard often and also write/draw often I hold my pen probably in a bad unusual way so on the left hand I have some callous soft lumpy areas caused by this had them a long time though and the pain is only a few years old. No detected health problems. Hope someone can help or relate!

sjb 07-12-2012 07:40 PM

Re: Help want to chop my finger off!
Greetings Goose7: Welcome to the Neuropathy healthboards! Maybe a dermatologist consult in my opinion may be useful in finding out what the lumps, blisters or whatever they are. Once the diagnosis is found then maybe the finding the cause will be easier. If desired I would be interested in knowing how things go. :wave: sjb

janewhite1 07-12-2012 09:11 PM

Re: Help want to chop my finger off!
Could be a nerve compression at the neck or shoulder. Look into neck stretches, gently. If the pain moves or changes when you stretch your neck, then the problem must be coming from there!

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