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  • Spider web feeling on face and arms.

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    Question Spider web feeling on face and arms.


    About 2 months ago, I started getting the feeling that there was something on my face. Not sticky, just a weird sensation like I walked into one or there is a hair on my face or arm, when there really isn't. It tickles like some thing is walking on my face. I've taken a clean paper towel and wiped my face but I don't see anything. I've even went as far as taking a scrub brush for nails and used it on my face. It helped for about 15 minutes and then it was right back to that feeling. Oh, and if I don't take wipe the area, it gives off a burning sensation. Then I have to wipe it away or the burning gets worse. And some times I rub softly to try to sooth that area. It happens on my cheeks, forehead, around my nose, between my eyes, and occasionally my chin. I have talked to the doctor so much about this, he won't even answer my questions anymore. He said, if it happens I should go to E.R. He did give me some medicine called Loritindine for the itching which helps a little, but it doesn't help the cause of the problem. I'm pretty sure he thinks its all in my head, but its not. We had a flea problem about a month ago so now he says its that. This is not bites, this is a web feeling. I literally can feel like I'm pulling a web off my face. After I do, the feeling goes away in that area for a little while. If I don't, the burning will start. I've taken a magnifying glass to see if I could see anything crawling, but I can't. Its now moved to my arms. Mostly the lower part on both sides. I've been getting nerve pain in my right leg the last few nights now and also a couple of months ago, I started getting migraines. I've been taking atenonol for 3 yrs now, and just lately for the last 2 months, I've been taking Imitrex as well. It helps quite a bit. All of these things I talked about has happened in the last 2 months. I think its odd that migraines, spider web feeling, and burning of the face, all happened so close together that some how they're not related to each other. Oh, and just last night, I noticed that I'm getting a rash on my forehead. I'm not sure if this is related or not, but a couple of weeks ago, I woke to find my eyes had crusty stuff in them, then I ended up with an infection in my eye and was put on some Erythromyocin. I spread it around my eyes and cheeks, and for 3 days I didn't have any symptoms of spider web feeling in those areas. But as soon as I stopped, the feeling came back ten fold. It was like I made my face mad..LOL. I've tried putting just oil on my face but that didn't do anything but make me greasy and itchy. Please anyone out there that can point me in any direction I will be eternally grateful. My Dr. thinks I'm crazy but I know what I'm going through and what I'm feeling. Is there anyone out there with the same or similar problem? Maybe if he knows there are more then just me, he will look further into the problem. Thank you..Oh, one more thing..this is kind of gross..But a few weeks ago, I got a sharp pain like a bee stung me on my back, there was a lump there like a pimple, I couldn't see it, but could feel it. I rubbed it and some thing came out, it felt crusty, I took it to the bathroom, put it in the sink, looked at it through a magnifyer and it was 3 super tiny bugs that looked similar to spiders. Round, with lots of legs. They were so small you couldn't seem them with your eyes, you'd have to use a magnifying glass to see them. But that's the only time that happened. I killed them, called my doctor and he still didn't seem concerned. Please don't tell me to change doctors, I can't. He's the only one I can find to give me my pain medication otherwise I would. Thank you all.

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    Re: Spider web feeling on face and arms.

    You don't say how old you are, but let me give you food for thought. I am telling you to find another doctor who is more interested and qualified than this one. With your description of what you found in your back and your history, you need to find a doctor that deals with Infectious Diseases -

    My story is a bit different, no bugs, but similar experiences with doctor making light of what was happening to me with the pain and nerve and muscle transmissions which drove me nuts. Finally, I found an Infectious Disease Clinic - what a difference.

    I am 72 and quite medically knowledgeable - even still, I had to fight to get to the right group - it took me almost 3 years to get the help I needed. My Group did blood work and tests no one else had done - and now I am improving steadily - thank God I didn't quit and think that the past doctors were either ignorant, or didn't want any other professional to know or find out what they missed diagnosing.

    Please don't continue to struggle with this "doctor" - remind him of the Hippocratic Oath he took - he is not practicing it, and you are paying the price. If he doesn't know, or doubts what you saw (if it happens again, use a plastic bag to remove it and place everything, including the bag into another plastic bag - try not to touch it with your hands. Seal the second outer bag with tape (wrapping tape is strongest) and get it to a laboratory.

    Don't shrink from getting the right help - they will address the pain and then the problem -- fight for yourself and get help. Not all doctors are the same as this one - he is an abomination to the profession - no matter what credentials he has
    NO DOCTOR KNOWS EVERYTHING! His demeanor, credentials and treatment are not
    sufficient to treat you !!! Hang in there and fight for yourself.

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    Re: Spider web feeling on face and arms.

    Those bugs, i hope you dint imagine them, some people imagine they have bugs that bit them, and its due to a mental condition. it could be a tick,mites(probably got bit by mites.) sounds like some form of neuropathy. the feeling of web i have seen as a symptom of an ID, it can also be an allergy as well.

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    Re: Spider web feeling on face and arms.

    Your not alone I been feeling the same thing for the past year or so it's horrible the felling of been dirty my situation I can feel them in my face, eyes,nose, I even feel them in my troat sorry for my spelling like I said is horrible I don't even wish it on my worst enemy I even thought of commiten suiced thank God I didn't I'm still trying to figure something out I been doing research on my own try many things tree tea oil seems to help a lot but you said that not to tell you to change doctor but it seems that this doctor is not taking this matter right please get you some tree tea oil it might help you and like I said your not along in this fight if I find something else I will make sure to post it God bless you.

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    Re: Spider web feeling on face and arms.

    In my experience, Medical personnel do not often speak of parasites. Blepharitis is a swelling of the eyelids caused by parasites living in hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. When left uncontrolled, fluid can build up, or infection ensue. I recently forgot mascara is a breeding ground, and re-used a tube I had not thrown out. Clean your scalp regularly, wash your face at least twice per day, and wipe eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes with a cosmetic wipe containing tea tree oil. Visit an ophthalmologist for verification of your specific condition.

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