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redjb7 09-28-2019 02:35 PM

Pins and needles b12 and d
More than a week ago I started having pins and needles - started in my chin and face, at this point it is all over. It varies during the day. Seems to be getting worse. I asked my doc to test me on b12 and d - b12 was 380 and d was 38. I had recently started to take d again because several years ago it went down to 10. I sent me oto neuro a message and told him my numbers and he told me to take 2000 of b12 a day for a couple weeks then down to 1000, and 5000 a day of d. I tried that for a few days but had to go down to 1000 on b12. Has anyone had these symptoms with low b12 or d? Driving me nuts!

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