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hope2Cbetter 05-29-2004 08:18 AM

Is it possible to be addicted to salty foods?
Hi all,
I'd like to throw a question out here and see if anyone has a good answer for me. About 15 years ago I developed a craving for crushed ice. I would only go to the fast-food joints that used it in their drinks and sometimes I would buy a cup of ice to bring home for later. I would drink the drink and then eat the ice. I even went so far as to buy an ice crusher to crush my own ice. While going through a physical exam for a new job, blood was drawn, and the doctor said I needed to see my family doc because the arount of iron in my blood was negligible. He wanted to know how I managed to even "stand up" and I admitted I had been extremely fatigued and felt like passing out a lot. I saw my family doc and one of the first questions he asked me was if I had been eating a lot of ice and I said yes and he said sometimes when people become very anemic they crave it. Seems I was extremely anemic. A series of iron shots and and iron supplement got me back on my feet. Now I have a new problem, maybe. I absolutely CRAVE salty food. If I don't have a salty meal, I don't feel satisfied. I might add that I do NOT add salt at the table, but I will eat frozen food high in sodium, cheese and deli meat (ham especially), ham and cheese omelets, chips. You name it, I HAVE to have it on a daily basis. I also have a HORRIBLE problem with fluid retention and yes, my blood pressure is on the border of moderate to high and I take medicine for it. I also take a diuretic for the water retention but sometimes it doesn't work well. I recently had to see my doc for the swelling in my face, fingers, ankles, feet - everywhere basically - and over the next 7 days I lost 14 pounds of water due to strong diuretic he put me on. I have not talked with him about my need for salty foods yet. Does anyone else have this horrible craving for sallty foods and do you know if it's a deficiency of some kind that I can fix or overcome? Sorry for the long post, but I hope someone can help me. thanks!

crowgirl 05-30-2004 10:30 AM

Re: Is it possible to be addicted to salty foods?
Yesterday, I started reading a book on adrenal fatigue, and it said that a craving for salt can be one of the symptoms. Maybe you could post a message on the Addison's board; there are some very knowledgeable people there.

HTH! :)

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