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seivers49 08-07-2008 06:49 AM

vitamin d deficiency
My last blood levels of vitamin D are 9 or less. I have been having chest pains quiet frequently. I had gastric bypass march 03. Am I start to having problems with my heart. I take bi-weekly b-12 injections. My WBC was very low so low i had a bone marrow biopsy. With my chest pains and sometimes nausea am i have problems with my heart. I have indigestion real bad and that is even without eating anything

PNo 08-08-2008 07:15 PM

Re: vitamin d deficiency
There are known isues with gastric bypass patients and processing of the oily vitamins. I hope your doctor is working with you and you are taking supplement.

I got really sick. he valves in my heart started weakening and they were not pumping - I was in heart failure. Long story short, after multiple trips to ER, about $12,000 worth of tests (thankfully ins), all they found was severe vitamin D deficiency. I took 50,000 units for 8 weeks so far and every week it has improved. Knees are almost well, shortness of breath gone, overall stiffness and muscle pain is better, and chest pain is 10x better.

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