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feuss 03-02-2010 06:46 AM

b12 deficiency
Hi all, I am new to this forum. I suppose I am really looking for a bit of reassurance . I was found to have a b12 deficiency about 18 months ago. My b12 level was 190 which I am told is very low.Prior to that I was on an ant-acid medication(proton pump inhibitor) ,I was taking these daily for about 4 years or so and I feel that this was the cause of my b12 problems.I have read that this is a common cause in older people (I am 53). I had all the usual gradual symptoms i.e. unsteady gait and balance , tingly fingers from time to time, clumsiness, tinnitus and most unnerving of all trouble finding the right words/word finding, I also had some cognitive problems and 'brain fog. My memory was OK in as much as I could keep track of all my day to day stuff but certainly had some short term memory issues . I have now been having b12 shots once every three months (which I do not think is enough) for about 18 months and although the balance , cognitive issues and tingly fingers are much better I still struggle with the word finding and memory issues. I have read that the nerve repair is long and slow process ,years even as I was deficient for a long time. As I said in the start of this thread I really just want some reassurance that things will improve.I am getting very anxious about the symptoms and I am sure this does not help the brain functions! The word dementia keeps coming to mind !! Is it normal to still have these symptoms after 18 months,things are better but still apparent. Thanks,F

susanb3 03-09-2010 09:06 PM

Re: b12 deficiency
My levels are 400 and I have pretty severe symptoms. My neurologist gave me a shot of B12, but never had me follow up. I found a wonderful holistic MD who has me now on daily B12 shots for 30 days then 2 shots a week thereafter.

I really believe you need more then 1 shot every 3 months. From what I understand, the metho B12 are what you need to take, so make sure that is what you have.

Taking ant acid medication definitely depletes you B12 (I was just reading an article on this the other day). It is very common and that is probaby your reason for being deficient in that vitamin.

You should be just fine. But if you Dr refuses to give you more than 1 shot every 3 months, I would find another one.

feuss 03-10-2010 05:51 AM

Re: b12 deficiency
thank you for your reassuring words Chuck or Susan ? I went to the Dr for a blood test ast week to check my b12 levels are actually going up and they are now up to 703 which is much better than the 190 it was 18 months ago. Although I feel better and more coherent does it take 18 months plus to rid myself of these brain fog and memory issues ? To be frank , I do not think my Dr really has a handle on the whole B12 deficiency thing. He did not even know that there was a b12 tab in sublingual form ! I think they work on the assumtion that if you are deficient then you get a standard ( non -methyl) shot every three months and that's it.I have just started taking a sublingual b12 Methylcobalamin 1000mcg every day in addition to my three monthly shots but I will speak to the Dr and see if I can have more frequent shots. Fergus.

susanb3 03-11-2010 11:01 AM

Re: b12 deficiency
Do you have a reputable Holistic MD or DO in your area? They do things very different than a standard MD. The regular MD and DO's are not training in holistic medicine. They are not really trained on vitamins and the importance of them. I have never had a regular Dr prescribe vitamins for me (except when I was expecting a child).

My Holistic Dr said that your blood level can show a normal or high level of B12, but your tissues can actually be absorbing a much lower level.

This is the office I visit. I hope you can find one in your area. I am very pleased so far with them.

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