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9na 01-02-2011 09:39 AM

Vitamin D deficient - good and bad days/periods?
To me it is like this. I have periods when I barely function, because all my symptoms are really horrible - my bowel movements are very frequent, my muscles and joints ache, I'm nauseus, I'm tired from the moment I wake up, my eyes hurt, the tingling in feet and hands really bother me, my scalp is sore and tender etc etc. Everything is bad, basically. This lasts for a day, two days, sometimes a week or more - and then everthing gets better and I'm happy because of a better period - of days or (hopefully) a week.

Often it seems like every new symtom comes with a long lasting bad period.

I also often can have a really good morning, and a horrible afternoon/evening, so it can change real fast.

I'm quite optimistic by nature, and in the better periods I'm convinced that now I'm getting better - and when the 'down' comes, I'm equally disappointed and depressed...

Does anyone else recognise this?

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