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Prim3 12-30-2012 12:39 AM

Vitamin D Deficiency and Calcium
Hey guys I have a question..

I was diagnosed with low vitamin D roughly 4 months ago @24ng/dl and at that time I had a lot of symptoms.. anxiety being the main one. Never had anxiety probelms before this.. it came out of no where after one panic attack when my psyc (my family doctor wanted me to see a psych for digestion troubles) put me on effexor for a couple of doses. Before that.. I had NO history of anxiety. Maybe mild nervousness during tests/exams and all.. All of a sudden I got a panic attack the day after I took my first full dose of effexor XR.

Anyways.. blood test showed low vitamin D and high calcium @2.67 (which is roughly 10.68 for you US folks).. my question is that my doctor told me to take vitamin D to bring it up and after that what happened was that my calcium came down.. and my symptoms are MUCH better. Also suffered from palpitations, dizziness, mild depression (vitamin D was definitely causing this as since I started treatment I felt MUCH better).. over the few months I've improved quite a bit. Still have some lingering anxiety however which may take some time to settle down.

So now I'm worried about parathyroid since my calcium was high at 10.68 with low Vitamin D. When my doctor retested it after 2.5 weeks it was at 10.2 (few days into vitamin D treatment). Then I got tested again for calcium and vitamin D and my level was at 40ng/dl after 3 months into treatment and my calcium fell again to 9.8..

So my question is.. what's going on? My doctor said that vitamin D is absorbing all the calcium that was in your blood but I'm skeptical since says differently..

thanks and I apologize for the long post!

jannar 01-12-2013 12:04 PM

Re: Vitamin D Deficiency and Calcium
I just went to my doctor yesterday and my vitamin d level was "9"!! He also said my calcium level was up and because of the vitamin d level being low, my body was taking the calcium it needed from my bones.
What have you found out about your situation? My doctor told me to take 1,200 vitamin d supplement and come back in six weeks for further tests.

hopefloats36 01-30-2013 06:11 PM

Re: Vitamin D Deficiency and Calcium
More than likely, 1,200 IU's won't be enough for you. I'm surprised your doc didn't write you a script for 50,000 IU which is what you'll need to rectify your situation. You are VERY deficient. Consider calling him back to discuss this. Best wishes.

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