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Afraid to go to the doctor....

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Old 04-09-2004, 01:54 PM   #1
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: NE USA
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MrsLee HB User
Afraid to go to the doctor....

I am about 100 pounds overweight, and lately I have been afraid to tell doctors about a lot of problems I have been having.

I have gained a lot of weight this past year, and I am always exhausted and just feel like I can't get up and do anything. I started working out, but no change in my weight. I used to feel good after working out (the endorphins I guess) but now I just feel like taking a nap. I also get dizzy and lightheaded a lot. There are other symptoms, but I won't bore you all with all the details. The scariest symptom though, started a few weeks ago, and it has been that I have trouble breathing and swallowing. I went to the doctor about this one and he said to try nexium for two weeks since it could be acid reflux. I just told him about the breathing problems, though, because I wasn't too concerned about everything else.

Well I am due to go back next week and I think I should tell him about all my other problems. I have looked into it, and I think it could be hypothyroidism. But I am afraid he will just say it is because I am too fat that I am having all these problems, which it very well could be. I have gone to doctors before that have belittled me and made me feel even worse. I mean, I know I am too fat, so please don't tell me "maybe if you lost some weight you would feel better." So I am afraid to talk to the doctor about all of this. WHat do you guys think I should do? Does anyone else that's obese have this problem of doctors blaming everything on your weight? I guess I don't have too much of a point with this post--I am really just wondering if this fear is irrational or if others have it too. Thanks!

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Old 04-09-2004, 02:14 PM   #2
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BonBe HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

Hello Mrs. Lee

I was just going through the boards and saw your post. You must not neglect your health for 'fear of what a doctor will say' They are suppose to be there for you!

May I suggest you pose your question on the thyroid disorders board here? if you are thinking maybe hypothyroidism is part of the problem, the people there can certainly advise you what YOU should ask your doctor to test for (blood work to test for any problems with the thyroid)

I too am overweight, like you are, and I know how you feel, but your health is number one is it not?


Old 04-09-2004, 07:22 PM   #3
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angeleyesinga HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

If your Dr. makes you feel that way then you are going to the wrong dr. Have you tried talking to your Gyn? Maybe they could refer another Dr.? You need support right now to beable to help yourself. I know personally the last thing I need is someone else putting me down or making me feel bad, I'm my worst critic already! Try and find some support, there are Dr's out there that do understand. Good Luck and God Bless you.
"Well-behaved women never make history"

Old 04-12-2004, 09:41 AM   #4
Senior Veteran
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jojo64 HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

Alot of your problems could indeed be caused by your weight. The breathing/swallowing thing could be from acid reflux, which might go away if your weight went down (it did for me). But no matter what the cause you need to tell your doc about everything that's bothering you.

Old 04-12-2004, 02:49 PM   #5
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Laurie2 HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

I felt the same way about my weight and health. I am a woman, 52 years old, 5'6" and was 245 and more for nearly 33 years. Tried all sorts of diets, none worked or I never stayed on them long enough. Just got depressed at times. Had two children and ballooned up to 275 with my first and 260 with my second. Only after menopause ( I am 52) did I drift down to 245 and stayed there for several years.

But I finally got sick and tired of feeling fatigued and out of balance. Being overweight does not mean you are not strong....on the contrary, carrying around all that weight means you have the potental there to work from. For me, resistance training taking a college class in Fall 2002 is what did it. Yes, it was tiring at first but it was a good feeling...not only the endorphins but the feeling of doing it and a sense of accomplishment.

This spurred me on and was determined to have the patience to see this through. After a few weeks, I saw changes in my wardrobe although my scales said I did not look like I lost that much. Found this was the best indicator of fat loss and muscle being built up.

I kept a journal of what I did and found that eating smaller meals 5-6 times a day was NOT going to make me fat. Mostly just moderated my diet as it was. What there was of it. My husband was accusing me of having the eating like a bird. I would eat when I was hungry and overate the wrong things when I did. So I ate on a regular basis, upped my protein and cut my bad carbs/sugars. Some fats are needed and drank more water/less sodas.

By the end of the first four month semester (lifting three day a week, split workouts), I went from wearing size 48 jeans to getting into 44s. By the end of the year, taking these classes I am wearing size 18s (just getting into 16s now) and now weigh 180. I was never a skinny kid and was alway "hefty" as a teenager. My main exercise then was riding a 10 speed all over San Diego up through college until I married. Was never the old "Metropolitan Life Insurance" weight scale for my height and bone size (big boned and in the past, it would say I should be 135) I am wearing clothes sizes worn when first got married. It is what muscle buildup with lifting that shows on the scales. I think I was about 165 when first married. I believe the difference in then and now is quite satisfactory.

However, I am now happy with myself and losing the 60 pounds has made a big difference in how I can run after a 6 year old grandchild.

As for docs demeaning you? I went to an orthopedic doc to have an old rotator cuff injury looked at back in April 2003 and weighed 205 at the time. (It was an old trauma injury from years back showing up and not from lifting.) I was told by this doc, I could not lose weight by lifting at my age (51)...only cardio can do this. Why should I want to look like I was in my 20s at 51?

I was 245-250 pounds in my 20s. I told the doc how much I was THEN and what I lost since starting this class. Told him my own family doctor was very happy over my improved health and weight changes since doing this. Then he changed his tune and acted the "gym buddy" saying he worked out too and had some alternative exercises to suggest to help the shoulder. Since I did have most arm motion despite the RC tear, he told me surgery would do more harm than good. I noticed I had improved motion/flexibility since starting this lifting routine too. Dont know what his opinion would have been if I went before Fall 2002.

I guess he just got used to seeing older women who did work out or did very little exercise coming to him with injuries.

Old 04-12-2004, 09:04 PM   #6
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weightlossHelp HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

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Old 04-13-2004, 12:04 PM   #7
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: NE USA
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MrsLee HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

Hello everyone and thanks for your replies. I am going to the doctor tomorrow morning and I am really hoping he will listen to me and not humiliate me.

angeleyesinga--my ob gyn was one of the worst "belittlers." She didn't really address any of my concerns the last time I saw her and seemed disgusted by me. I read that birth control pills are less effective if you weigh over 160 lbs. I asked her if this is true, and she replied "well if you are so worried about it why don't you just lose some weight?" I guess she wasn't aware that I have spent my whole life with this issue consuming me, so I didn;t really need her advice to lose weight. Needless to say, I will be finding a new gyn. Maybe the doctor I am seeing tomorrow can reccommend one.

Laurie2--congratulations on your weight loss and new-found health! That is definetly an acocmplishment to be proud of. And that's great that you proved your doctor wrong!

I started exercising about 2 months ago, doing weight lifting 4-6 times per week. My husband has been helping me to make sure I am doing the right exercises. I know I am gaining strength, but my weight has not changed. That wouldn't be a big deal if I was losing inches, but my clothes are not fitting differently at all! I know I need to do cardio, but my shin splints are so bad that I can hardly go for a walk around the apartment complex without having pain for 3 days. I know my weight affects this, but i had these even when I weighed 80 lbs less. I need to do some sort of cardio where I am outdoors--it is just too boring to walk on a treadmill in the gym. I have even modified my diet (though I should do more) and have cut out all sugary drinks. Now I drink water and ocassionally tea or diet coke. SO I have done all of this and am not losing ANY weight. It is so discouraging. I am really hoping the doctor can help me somehow.

Well thats enough of my whining. I'll post what my doctor says tomorrow. Thanks again!

Old 05-04-2004, 04:37 PM   #8
Lizzy H
Senior Member
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Lizzy H HB User
Re: Afraid to go to the doctor....

Hi my sister is very overweight and the doctor blames everything that she gets wrong with her on that.

When you go to the doctors be strong and insist on having a blood test, tell him it will put your mind at ease, he/she may do some other tests on the blood while he is at it a can confirm or rule out other things as well.

Regards Lizzy

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