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emma emery 02-23-2007 04:27 PM

im new on here
hi im a 34 year old women,who weighs 19 stone at the moment,i hate the way i am,i cant look in the mirror or never feel nice .i need to get on some kind of healthy eating plan,any advise would be great i need to loose about 80 to you all emma.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Scorcher 03-04-2007 12:39 PM

Re: im new on here
Hi Emma,
I have just joined and saw your post. I am 34years old too but I weight 24st, I started at 27st 8lb, it has taken me a year to lose 3 and a half stone. You seem really down on yourself, it is really sad that you are so hard on yourself. The person inside isn't allowed to shine through because you are letting your weight stop you! Your husband and kids love you which means you are very much a loveable person and I bet you are a lovely person with a great personality and good to have as a friend. How many skinny people do you know who are really lovely people? Can you name a lovely skinny model? You have to learn to love yourself. You should stand up tall, be yourself and enjoy life, living it to the full! The happier you feel the easier it will be to lose weight, you will find you have more energy. Look at yourself in the mirror, take a close look at yourself and pick out the parts you like. The parts you aren't keen on, just tell yourself, I don't like them but I accept them and can change them!
I would very much recommend the Paul Mckenna book, "I can make you thin", it has some good ideas but it also helps with your lack of confidence, it is less than 7 in asda and well worth a read. Remember no matter what your weight, you are as good as everyone else so stand tall!

By the way when we had the snow recently I took my 3 sons to the park and was sliding down the hill will them, I also fit on the fair rides now so go on them when we go to butlins. I am trying to enjoy life to the full and so should you. I know it isn't easy. I still have bad days but I find my way through them, yesterday I felt low when hubby who didn't realise how I was feeling picked me up from the fitness centre I go to, I had been swimming. My kids got out the car and presented me with a gorgeous single red rose, I burst into tears. It reminded me of just how much they love me! I still feel low today but I try to stay positive and tell myself tomorrow will be better.
I hope this helps and wish you all the best.
Best wishes,

hebrew 03-10-2007 08:41 AM

Re: im new on here
Hi im new, you sound like myself at my heaviest i have been 16 1/2 stone, size 20-22 i have yo yo dieted since i was about 18, being over weight gets you so down, and then you eat more, then their is ill diet tomorow, and then tomorow comes, and then you move the goal post again. I can loose weight myself for about a month, then i always slip into old habbits, i got down to 13stone in a year thanks to some tablets the doctor put me on. They were tablets that stoped your body from obsorbing all of the fat from your food, but you had to make sure you ate avout 10% of fat per meal or you needed the loo pritty rapid. I did well on these and the summer came, i was positive and thought i would do it alone. but gradually put weight back on, since christmas i have put on a stone. The doctors have now put me on a new tablet, and i feel so much better, i hate feeling hungry, and these tablets takes your apitite away, i have to remind myself to eat or i will feel week, i do get side effects from these but they lesson after a few weeks, my side effects are feeling sick, feel hot at times, and some times light headed, but for me i see results and they are doing well for me. These are called Reducill.

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