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ayesha78 03-24-2009 09:49 AM

how do i get a gastric band on nhs
how do i get a gastric band on nhs

luvaduck 04-28-2009 01:47 AM

Re: how do i get a gastric band on nhs
Depends on what area you live. I live in Essex and I had to have a BMI of over 40 and had to have either be Diabetic or have sleep Apnea. I have sleep Apnea and a BMI of 43 :(
My doctor has now refered me last Friday, just waiting on an appointment.

fluffy999 04-04-2010 05:45 PM

Re: how do i get a gastric band on nhs
The NHS has limited money to spend on Gastric Band Surgery in the UK. Therefore it is advisable that you go the waiting list in April as this is when NHS Trusts get their new funding for the financial year. As Luvaduck says, the area where you live is a factor and in the UK you must have a BMI of 40+ and be over 18 unless there are extreme circumstances. You should speak to your GP in the first instance but it's a case of him/her probably referring you to a dietican/nutritionist for a minimum of 12 months first in an attempt to see if you can be "re-educated" about food and to discover why you are overweight. The fact that we all know what we should and shouldn't be eating etc is apparently neither here nor there - the NHS will exhaust the cheaper options first before putting you on the waiting list for an op costing around 7000. Painful but true. If you're serious about having the op then there's alot of red tape to get through first!

I have recently spoken to my GP about having a gastric band following a battle with my weight all my life. I'm also suffering with other health problems, specifically with my tendons and I'm also asthmatic. He says I'm a perfect candidate but firts I have to abide by the above-mentioned red tape. But if it means I may live longer and lose up to half my body weight then I'll do that.

Another thing to consider is the issue of why you're overweight. If it's a serious comfort food thing (as it is for most of us!) then bear in mind if and when you ahve the op that your intake of food will be enormously restricted. This is something which can be incredibly frustrating for some and it's a serious issue as some poeple can't deal with that. If there are underlying issues for your weight problem that may also need to be addressed before you will be considered for the op. Think hard about it and discuss the pro's and con's in great length before you consider going on the waiting list. It's a big deal - but I'm sure you know that already!

I wish you good luck.

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