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2tees 04-28-2011 07:03 AM

coping with being teased
I am obese and the mom of a wonderful little 7 year old boy. Each day I walk him to and from school its about a mile walk each day. I do this to try and make effort in my life and hope that one day I can walk a little longer.
Recently , children in the school began calling me names pertaining to my weight issues. When I stand there afterschool waiting they yell things to me and make fun of me. I cannot see who they are. They are up a few floors peering from a window that only opens a small amount. they yell and duck.
I spoke with a teacher about it privately who said she would make the upstairs staff aware as this should not be happening.
Still I feel like crap when I go now. I feel like a big circus freak and I even feel like crying. I have been taking it for a while because I fear if I retaliate my son will somehow pay for this in the long run but I am so embarrassed by this. Other parents who hear/see it do nothing, sometimes even chuckle along.
I suffer from severe hypothyroidism which is still in the process of being properly diagnosed for the appropriate synthroid dose.
I just don't know what to do. I have to get my son, but I cannot take the abuse from these kids. After so many times I feel I am at my breaking point and just want it to end but I do not know what approach to take.

solofelix 04-28-2011 07:16 AM

Re: coping with being teased
You sound like a lovely person. "don't let these kids get to you". There are kids like that who live near me and if you show any sign of distress they will play up to you all the more. I know its easier said than done but hold your head high, these are kids you are adult (big difference). I might add I have a friend who is extremely large(polite way!) she is one of the nicest people you could meet. Its your personality that's more important. I send you love and hugs you deserve it. Solofelix.

Mulchie 06-26-2011 12:11 PM

Re: coping with being teased
Big hug to you.
I know its been awhile since you posted but I thought I would send you a message. Do Not let those children steel your joy. People of all ages like to try and do that. You know people can be cruel and its hard to look past it. But you are a beautiful mother with a beautiful son . I think it is awesome you walk that every day twice a day. I think thats great. How dare these kids steel that from you. Be careful what you are willing to give up because of these rude kids. I have had some real bad things told to me and I let it steel my joy, and some of my life because of it. But not any more. It is my life and I will decide who I let in and who I keep out. You are a powerful person. Look what you have already accomplished in this life. And you are walking every day. Stay strong my friend. You do not deserve this and your darn right those teachers should speak to those kids/.You deserve respect. I know what you mean about not wanting to make a fuss. Sometimes it makes things worse. But if thats the case just make sure you dont let their comments hurt you. I would not walk a different route I would not allow these kids to steel my joy. Change your way of thinking and stay focused and strong. Good Luck
God Bless Mulchie

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