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  • I have OCD and my foggy brain makes me feel stupid

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    Old 05-19-2015, 01:03 AM   #1
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    I have OCD and my foggy brain makes me feel stupid


    I have OCD and I am very worried about the way my brain works or has stopped working. I feel stupid and I can't think straight. I overlook obvious things very often and make ridiculous decisions because of this. I don't even try to solve simple problems because I know that I get anxious and that if I can't solve them, I am going to get even more anxious and start feeling stupid, frustrated and sad.
    My dad contributed a lot in me being insecure and more self-conscious about making mistakes and not being able to solve simple task at home like putting a picture up on the wall, fixing the shower of my bathroom, etc., because he acts like he know everything and he is very smart and can do it all. A little bit more than a year ago, my shower got blocked and I wasn't sure what was going on. I first thought there was no water in the house, but it wasn't this and I got very worried because I knew I was going to have to fix it and I didn't want my dad to help me. He ended up knowing about the problem and yelled at me, "come here, the problem was that the shower had sand and rocks inside" acting surprised because I hadn't noticed this. This immediately triggered my anxiety and made me feel stupid. I felt very bad for two days. Things like these have happened to me very often in the last years.
    One day, I had several sets of stapled documents that I wanted to dump into the recycling container of my school. I didn't want to throw the papers with staples so I borrowed a staple remover and took each staple off. When I was about to finish, I thought: Why didn't I just cut the corners of the papers off, it would have been a lot faster and easier. That day I could control the ssituation and didn't make a bit deal about it because this happened 3 years ago and I wasn't so traumatized about me feeling dumb yet. The problem is that the problem grew and grew and now I get nervous every time I see a new device in my house that requires thinking to get it working because I get blocked and very anxious. My mind goes blank. For example, my mom got a dish drainer yesterday and when I saw it I got extremely anxious because I started to think if I could make a device like that without help. Then, I disovered it had a tray and I started to get nervous because I wanted to know what it was for. I went blank again and my brain blocked. I decided to avoid checking the drainer carefully to find out the purpose of the tray because as I said, it is terrible for me when I can't solve a problem like this and I can't figure out how things work. This morning, I saw the tray undernreath the drainer putting it in a position so that the water could fall in the sink. This immediately triggered my anxiety again and made me feel stupid for not having thought about it immediately after I saw the drainer and the tray. I didn't even try it because I escape situations like this as I told you to avoid feeling anxious.
    I am very worried because when things like these happen to me I start to get ideas in my head, ideas I have got for many years because I am very suggestionable, like feeling itchy mouth like I am hungry or feeling I don't miss my death dog anymore or I can't be anywhere. I get anxiety attacks. The first one of these ideas was the one that made me feel hungry because in highschool I was afraid of putting up weight. This is by far the worst compulsion I have.

    Do you know if it is normal for a person with OCD to have foggy brain and to have difficulty thinking straight and solving simple tasks?

    I really appreciate your help in advance.

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    winterlotus90 (08-12-2015)
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    Re: I have OCD and my foggy brain makes me feel stupid

    Foggy brain happens to a lot of people OCD or not, lack of sleep, they say yeast in your body can cause it, drugs can cause it, poisons in our food and water (flouride), are all possible causes.

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    Re: I have OCD and my foggy brain makes me feel stupid


    I don't necisarily agree with Kman. It sounds to me like you're experiencing what's called "disassocative disorder" or disassocation related to your OCD. I've experienced this myself, and it feels like you're walking around in a dream world.

    I've learned that after days of your mind dealing with the constant barage of anxiety and intrusive thoughts, your mind will actually turn itself off like a safety feature. How this happens on a phislogical level, I'm not exactly sure, but I know it's a stress response. It's actually quite normal for people who have OCD or are under high amounts of stress.

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    Re: I have OCD and my foggy brain makes me feel stupid


    I have OCD as well, so I hope I can provide some advice or at least some consolation. Well, first off just know that you’re not alone.

    As of about a year or so ago I’ve developed this brain fog that you’re experiencing, with trouble concentrating and having trouble with reading comprehension or even just comprehending and retaining information given to me. Sometimes I find myself rewinding a program I’m watching multiple times because my mind wanders and I just have trouble focusing so I end up missing what’s going on.

    Try not to worry because it will exacerbate the problem but just know that you still have your intelligence. I think your brain is just overwhelmed with the stresses that it’s under. That’s what I’ve read anyway. Depression also tends to go hand-in-hand with an anxiety disorder ESPECIALLY OCD. The first symptom of depression listed on W e b M D is difficult concentrating, difficulty making decisions, and difficulty remembering details. But these are also run-of-the-mill symptoms of anxiety as well. I just want to clarify that anxiety is an umbrella-term for many different anxiety spectrum disorders that all have common characteristics, but OCD is a specific type of anxiety. So if I use the terms interchangeably at times I wanted to clarify that so it doesn’t confuse you. But anyway it sounds like normal anxiety related symptoms that you’re experiencing.

    The situation you explained with your dad sounds very similar to the type of stressful relationship my ex-boyfriend had with his father. I’m very sorry to hear that he’s been putting so much added stress on you  But don’t worry, you’re not stupid! It’s normal for the mind to go blank when you’re placed under a lot of stress. Have you heard of test anxiety? Like where you go to take an exam that you studied really hard for and then you sit down to take it and your mind goes blank? Well, you didn’t lose any knowledge at all whatsoever. Your anxiety is just clogging up your brain and making you worry, leaving no room for your brain to concentrate. But once you relax then the information comes back. That’s what it sounds like happened after your dad made you feel bad. It sounds like the anxiety hit and you got performance anxiety which makes you kind of, forget what you’re doing. That’s normal though, you’re not stupid.

    The situation with the documents actually makes sense that you removed the staples out of them. I would have done that rather than cutting them. Cutting them would have been difficult don’t you think? A big stack of stapled papers sounds difficult to cut through. So pulling the staples out makes more sense to me. But that’s not a reason to feel unintelligent! You made a decision that you thought was right; there really is no right or wrong way of removing the staples. And think of it this way, by removing the staples you were able to recycle ALL of the paper! If you had cut off the edges than that would have gone into the regular trash and that paper wouldn’t have had the chance to be recycled! So I think you made the right choice of removing the staples but really either way is fine.

    The situation with the dish drainer: It’s normal to make mistakes! That doesn’t mean you’re stupid. That’s life and that’s how we learn for the next time! I think the anxiety you have over this though is definitely caused by this high expectation your dad has of you which makes you feel anxious about doing normal things that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself about. However, I’m not so sure if any of what you’re describing is particularly OCD. It sounds like general anxiety.

    And to answer your final question, yes this all seems normal to anxiety in general. But reading through your whole post now, I wouldn’t say you have OCD because nothing you suggested leads me to believe you have OCD. You very well could have OCD but your symptoms seem more general than that.

    As far as your dad putting all of this extra stress on you, maybe you should talk to him about he’s making you feel. Or talk to your mom and have her talk about it to your dad if you’re afraid to talk to him directly.

    Hope this helps!

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