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programmer21 03-02-2017 04:58 PM

Obsession with deep breaths
I have shown signs of OCD in the past. I lately have this obsession with taking deep breaths. These deep breaths are like the max that my chest/throat/whatever can expand. I probably do it at least a couple of times per hour. But I have been doing it for probably a couple of months.

This is very hard to stop. I am worried because lately, I have been getting a very strange feeling in my throat (even if I have not just taken one of these breaths). It almost feels like a muscle spasm. I am also feeling a small amount of pain during these breaths.
So my main question: has anyone experienced this or does anyone have an idea of what I could be doing to my throat? I feel like a throat contortionist.

Pollyanna1234 06-06-2017 09:42 AM

Re: Obsession with deep breaths
Hello, I don't have your exact problem, but I can relate. My issue is with my teeth and the obsession over how my lips contact them when I smile and speak. Anyway, this obsession has intensified over the past four months and like you do with your breathing, I smile on purpose and try to recreate conditions that have bothered me in 'real life'. Anyway, I do it far more frequently than a couple of times an hour, unfortunately, but as the months have gone by, I have been experiencing more and more things in real life that I never experienced before (lips sticking to my teeth more, more noticeable sensations, dry mouth that cannot be relieved).

Obviously having even more sensations that are bothersome to me has been really upsetting. I am starting to realize that some of them might be psychosomatic, or at the very least brought on by my compulsions. The body is a crazy thing and the mind can certainly cause these things, I would think.

Unfortunately I also think in your case as well as mine, that the only way to stop these physical things is to stop the compulsions and anxiety. Easier said than done.

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