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kayla88 10-16-2017 03:33 PM

unable to stop thinking about my breathing
I suffer from anxiety, depression and ocd and heads up i am 19 weeks pregnant so it makes this a little more frightening for me. For the past week and a half i have been unable to think about anything besides my breathing which is making it hard to feel like i can breath correctly. I have tried breathing training but that just makes me think about it more and puts me into a panic. i have never actually had a panic attack. I dont know which is better to focus on correct breathing or distraction? IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE. It is such a vicious cycle and i dont know how to stop it. I have had this happen to me in the past (years ago) for a few days but never this long and i dont remember it being this bad. I used to be able to distract myself but i cant seem to do that this time at all. It could be that i cant take as much medication or the medication that i i know works for me right now due to being pregnant, i dont know. I try to look stuff up to make me feel better and feel not so alone but then i come across people that say that they have had it for years and makes me even more scared. I'm not scared that i won't be able to breath, I'm scared i won't be able to stop thinking about it and continue have such unsatisfying breaths. Literally no matter what im doing, thinking or talking about its still in my mind and im still trying to control my breathing. It makes me so on edge. I did go to the ER to make sure nothing serious was going on because of being pregnant but i knew deep down it is because of my mind and nothing else. I did not get an Xray because it can harm the baby but my oxygen levels were good and my ekg was good ( they were worried about a pulmonary embolism because its more susceptible to pregnant woman but i did not have any other symptoms besides shortness of breath ). I was on paxil before getting pregnant which did wonders for me but i new paxil was not good to be on while pregnant and switched to 50mg of zoloft ( i knew from past experiences that i could not not be on something for me and my babies well being ). It freaks me out looking at some forums that say they have had this for years. Is distraction the best way to get rid of thing? I need help and need to know if this will ever leave my mind and go away :/ Its the first thing that pops into my head when i wake up and sets me up for failure right away. How am suppose to just wake up and not think about it now that its so ingrained in my mind at this point?

TrainOfThought 10-19-2017 05:56 AM

Re: unable to stop thinking about my breathing
Hi Kayla, well what you are suffering is called sensorimotor obsessions, as with all OCDs its fuel is anxiety. I do believe that the anxiety that comes with being pregnant has contributed to your condition. The good thing is that it can be treated quite effectively with CBT therapy and Exposure therapy. What you must not do is try to "distract" yourself because this might develop into a compulsion, instead you must do is stay with the fear, expose yourself to the thought and feeling of conscious breathing, label it as fear, anxiety or OCD. Of course I suggest doing this with a therapist, but the point is that it can be overcome and effectively.

Hope it helps, cheers

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