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feary 11-05-2021 05:32 PM

hate my life
I hate my life right now. I am 48.

My kids are grown and on their own.

I have no job, can’t drive, no friends, no partner, unhealthy, fat, no activities, no energy, no motivation, etc, etc…

I am extremely sad about my life. I feel like I have no purpose or meaning. I am completely debilitated by severe anxiety and depression about aging illness dying and that is all my life is about 24/7 every second, obsessed.

I have severe pain all over and just feel unable to function and do the littlest things even.

I feel absolutely alone and unsafe always.

The mental health system, medical field, and pharmaceutical industry completely failed me and are shams. Nothing works for me.

I have no life. I see no reason to keep going. No hope just dread, bored, worry, loneliness, and fear for my future.

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