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nokia6 07-20-2004 11:14 AM

To Calv
Hey Calv,

Just seen your post asking how i'm getting on. Read abit on the thread and seen that your not too good again. Amazing how it comes back when you thought it never would and how you thought you have it straight in your head. blah blah blah!

All i can say to you bud is that it will go away and it will probably come back again. As you get older and you learn more about yourself it will be a little easier, it has for me anyway, but i put that down to learning new ways to deal with it. I dont think OCD will ever dissapear for me but i learn how to deal with it best. For me that means going on the meds when i need them and off again when i don't need them. As you know therapy has never been sucessful for me. But i think thats because i've never seen the right person.

I haven't read the Angelina post a few people have mentioned, purly because i get the drift what it says and i dont want to read it. I'm feeling a bit dodgy again at the moment also so i dont need to be pushed over the edge. Although i'm mainly having problems with the relationship side of my OCD at the moment. Its a shame people write that stuff, they dont realise how destructive it is to us, their messing with peoples lives.

Anyway, let me know how your doing and stuff, i'm sure we can help each other out again. Out of interest, have you been watching Big Brother? If so does it cause anxiety for you watching the gay guys in there?


Calv1502004 07-20-2004 02:39 PM

Re: To Calv
Hi, glad to hear that your still around! Sorry to hear things aren't great. I haven't been watching big brother no but if I did im sure it would absolutely rip me to shreds atm to be honest.

I can't understand why I can't just think, right you've been here before, this isn't real and the thoughts go away! It seems so simple but is so impossible! Your right that it'll go away, its doing the whole your not attracted to girls so much anymore thing atm and you are attracted to guys! Still I suppose atm all I can do is sit it out and wait for it to go!


alex86 07-20-2004 03:46 PM

Re: To Calv
sup guys, I went through this horrible OCD, and I'm doing much better now. I have good and less good days, but what didn't get back to normal is my attraction to girls. I used to get so damn horny when I'd look at a girl down the street, and now, that ability has been taken away from me. I look at girls and I expect to be aroused, maybe this is what Im doing wrong. Maybe I shouldnt expect to get aroused. any advices on how to approach this?
thx. and if elektrix gets to read this, what's up buddy, how u been?

Calv1502004 07-21-2004 07:24 AM

Re: To Calv
For me, when my thoughts get weak, the proper attraction comes back. Id say it probably sounds like your still checking your reaction slightly, like people don't expect to be aroused, they just are or they aren't. I know before ocd I never used to expect to be aroused or check if I was aroused I just was or wasn't. I think that is our biggest problem. As for suggestions on how to do this.... I have no idea to be honest! I suppose seeing a therapist and doing ERP is the only way!


nokia6 07-21-2004 11:24 AM

Re: To Calv
The loss of attraction to women is one of the scariest things about this in my opinion. The reason being, when you having all these thoughts, urges and rumtations the one thing that makes you feel better is when you see a hot girl and are attractted to them. When that goes as well you just feel like giving up and joining the Mardi Grai!! But all i will say is ive been there and so have you before and it always comes back. To add to that its one of the last things to start to recover, ive said before you cant force it, it just happens one day and we all know how happy we are when that feelign comes back. All of a sudden we have our hetrosexuallality back! Alex just try and take faith in it coming back and dont do too much checking, a near impossability i know.
Are you still on the meds Calv? i come off mine a fair time ago now. dont feel i need to be back on them yet but i'm certainly keeping watchful eye on myself this time! i'm not going to slip back to the depths of last winter. Talking of winter, dont know if anyone else finds all this harder in the winter but i certainly do. I'm dertermined to get a good exercise routine going this winter, excercise really helps me out with the anxiety.

Calv1502004 07-21-2004 12:35 PM

Re: To Calv
Im still on the meds yea, infact im thinking more about asking my doctor if I can up my dose rather than come off them at the moment! It is good to hear that you are off the meds and still doing well! That is major progress! Sorry this is short but I gotta go, keep strong guys!


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