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  • What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

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    Old 08-21-2004, 09:24 AM   #1
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    What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

    About 9 months ago my then 16 year old son began complaining about strange symptoms. He said his eyes were puffy, the hair at the back of the neck was curling, and I canít remember what else but we finally took him to the doctor after 3 weeks of this and found out that he had mono. After looking online I realized that some of the strange symptoms he had described, such as the puffy eyes, were actually real symptoms of mono, but others were not. I thought, ďGreat, now that he knows what it is and that it isnít serious he will be OK.Ē Boy, was I wrong! Then he started saying that the mono was eating away at his throat and he was losing his voice and that various other things were wrong with him. This went on for about 5 months and we just couldnít talk him out of these ideas, we even had him tested for sexual herpes, (I am positive that he isnít even sexually active but he was sure that he had it anyway because mono is a type of herpes.) and when it came back negative then he switched to a different disease. Towards the end of this time he gradually started moving objects randomly around the house. For instance as he walked by the counter he would move things that were sitting on the counter each one about a centimeter. One time he even commented, ďI donít know why I am doing this.Ē Well, Iím not telling the whole story, because it would take too long, but a crisis point came because of pressure in school and he actually reached the point where he was hallucinating and it became obvious that he was having what they call a ďpsychotic episodeĒ which is what they say when they think you are schizophrenic but you havenít been that way long enough for them to make a diagnosis.

    It is interesting reading the posts of this board because it seems that believing that you have some disease can be a symptom of OCD and that OCD symptoms can go hand in hand with psychosis for some people. With our son his OCD symptoms come and go with his psychotic symptoms. The difference between you guys and my son is that you are aware that your beliefs are irrational and my son believes that he is 100% right and that we are the ones with strange ideas. However, I think that because of the overlap of symptoms that what we have learned with our son may be of help to some of you.

    I have come to believe that all ďmental illnessĒ is caused by biochemical imbalances in the body. I am talking about an illness that goes beyond rationality, not about someone who is depressed because of something real or that kind of thing. Stress uses up the chemicals and vitamins in the body necessary for proper brain function and pushes the person over the edge, but it is the lack of vitamins that are the cause of the irrational thinking, not the stress itself, because if you correct the imbalance in the body, the person can handle the stress. Of course lowering the stress helps, too, but we canít always change that.

    I personally think that OCD and schizophrenia are caused by the same sort of imbalances and can be helped by the same efforts to correct the imbalances in the body. Itís just that different people have somewhat different responses to the imbalances, one person gets OCD and another person might become psychotic depending on the genetic makeup of the person. For those of you who are interested in trying to correct the imbalances that you may have take a look at all my posts to find the one that tells the basic protocol for schizophrenia. There is nothing there that isnít good for improving your general health and you can try it without changing or going off your current meds, but just remember that when the vitamins start taking effect the side effects of the medications that you take get worse and the dose needs to be lowered so donít think that it is the vitamins that are making you worse. It usually takes a month or two.

    God bless,


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    Re: What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

    i believe the main important thing is genetics...i also believe its how you grew up and what kind of thing u were exposed too as well as chemical too but i think its so many things and how strong you can be as a person.

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    Re: What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

    I'd say the causes can be many but like hayley said it's mainly genetics and how it predisposes a person to emotional disorders later in life. I believe that I am predisposed towards anxiety, overreaction, and skittishness more than many others and so was my mom. OCD, other anxiety disorders, and depression can all be purely chemical in origin or it could be due to the environment and the individuals perception of the situation that causes onset. Just like there's no one reason why someone has a broken bone the symptom of broken bone is the same but the causes could be many. Maybe someone was born with brittle bones, or maybe they weren't born with brittle bones but have a calcium deficiency due to bad diet which gave them brittle bones, or maybe it's the person's choice of activity and lifestyle that causes them to break their bones, or a combination of all of the above. That's why mood disorder is so hard to tackle there are many reasons why someone could be depressed, the end result is the same but causes could be many and different for each person. I would classify schizophrenia a little different than the others however because that isn't a mood disorder. Many folks who have schizo and other true mental disorders do not care if they are the way they are. Mood disorder folks are aware of the way they are but don't want to be in their condition. Like Kim said the key is to have balance, sometimes it will be diet, sometimes it will be changing a persons attitude towards life and belief system, sometimes nothing short of medication will restore the balance. Using meds in the long run may be required in some cases but most of the time probably not. That's akin to wearing a cast for the rest of your life if you have a broken arm. Sure it will prevent the problem from arising again (maybe) but is that something that's desired? I think that even with the proper medication, a poor diet and poor attitude/belief system will not work for you once the person has to get off the meds. If you need meds to get out of bad slump that's fine as long as you follow it up with other methods to balance out your life like cbt, a good diet, excercise and other appropriate lifestyle changes, then taper yourself off.


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    Re: What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia requires two of these types of symptoms, Delusions, Prominent hallucinations, throughout the day for several days or several times a week for several weeks, each hallucinatory experience not being limited to a few brief moments. Incoherence or marked loosening of associations. Catatonic behavior. Flat or grossly inappropriate affect.

    Persuasive evidence for a genetic basis for schizophrenia comes from studies correlating the risks for this disorder with the degree of relatedness to an affected individual. I n these studies, parents, children, and other relatives are examined for evidence of relevant symptoms, and all variants of schizophrenia are lumped together. Schhizophrenia may not appear until advanced adulthood.

    OCD sufferers are usually very reponsible people. Schizophrenia victims are not able to understand reality.

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    Re: What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

    Your post intrigued me.
    I am also a parent of a son (almost 16) that has OCD. We have been treating him for almost a year now. The first question we were asked by the Doctors was, "Who in your family has OCD?" Then we were told about the genetic component of this disease. Well, no one alive in our family has OCD but his great-great-great-Uncle had it real bad and could not work. This sounded like too many skipped generations to me. But would you call my husbands chronic nail biting and my habit of twisting my hair OCD? Some would. But because these are "acceptable" they are labeled as bad habits not OCD. STRESS brings about these two habits. So....does STRESS give you OCD and Schizophenia? I don't believe it....but maybe it is what "unlocks" or "triggers" something else in your body to make it come about. I notice when my son is stressed out about something, his OCD is worse. If I understand correctly, you are saying that the stress one is under consumes your vitamins in your body which then opens the gateway to allow the disease to come about and progress. He has a biochemical weakness and this is how his body is expressing itself?

    My son was in total denial about his OCD. He could not understand why we were so interested and bothered by his actions. And if it was odd, why did we care about it because it did not have anything to do with us. Even when he was at his worst, he did not know why we were so bothered and worried for him. He was clueless. It took 9 months of therapy for his to finally talk about it with his therapist. He is now aware of it and hates it.

    What specifically does your son take? Is it just general anti-stress antioxidents? Or do you prescribe to a totally holistic view of everthing. My intriguing mind would like to know.

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    Re: What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia

    Hi, I first started having symptoms when I was 16-17 years old. I am now in my 40's. My parents tried to get me to get some help, but there was no way I saw any problem at all at the time. It wasn't until about 5 years later, that I started realizing I was the one with the problem. I denied anything wrong for along time. I completely believed all the things I did were the right way to do things.
    The sooner anyone can get help the better. When I first did get help, it was really hard to get a diagnose back then, and the treatment was much different than now. They didn't really know what to do.
    Anyone who can get some help-that is the right path to take.
    Good Luck!

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