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Does me child have OCD?

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Old 08-29-2004, 02:16 PM   #1
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flbeachbum HB User
Question Does my child have OCD?

I have an 8yo DD - who is my middle child. She has some "oddities" lol about her and now wandering if it could be OCD. For instance, every night she has to use the bathroom at least 3-5 times. She will go in there, and walk to her bed and then turn right around. After the 3rd time I will tell her that she can't possibly have to go but she insists that she does. This has been going on for months.
She does not do this at all during the day. She did not do this while she was on vacation at her grandmoms this summer.

In the past she has also went through other little habits. When we would put on her socks and shoes, we would have to smooth out her socks so she would not feel any bumps in them then put on the shoe and the first time would never be ok for her. we would have to take off the shoe and do it all over again.

The reason why OCD comes to mind is because my sister has had similiar things she would do as we grew up. She would count her teeth to make sure they were all there, have to pull up her socks so many times, have to touch an object so many times, while climbing stairs she would count in her head and figure out which foot she would have to start on so she would end on the opposite foot. My sister has never officially been diagnosed with OCD though.
Although mental health problems(depression and panic attacks) have been determined with my mom. Not sure if OCD is genetc or not.

I was wandering what your thoughts were with my DD and if I should do something more proactive for her - or is we just live with her going to the bathroom so many times - lol - since it's not really hindering our lives.


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Old 08-29-2004, 03:06 PM   #2
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jules1 HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

I'm not a dr, but I have a feeling if you took her to a professional they wouldn't diagnose her because she is too young. It does, however, sound like she might develop OCD. I remember my problems beginning as a child, and because I've engaged in OCD behavior for as long as I can remember, I always thought it was normal.

It might be a good idea to talk to someone so that they can tell you how to help her stop these behaviors. It might be the case that she can learn to deal with this as a child and it won't affect her later in life. I'm not sure, though.

Old 08-29-2004, 05:59 PM   #3
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openseason HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

It all depends if your child is having anxiety which is lessened with her counting and perfectionism. OCD is genetic.

Old 08-30-2004, 04:16 PM   #4
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Mom2ocder HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

I am a Mom whose son was diagnosed with OCD last October at 15 years old. It came on gradually at a steady pace over a 3 month period. But, the Doctors said he probably had it as a young boy and we did not "see" it. In second grade, the teacher swore he had ADD but when tested by a professional child psychologist, we were told he absolutely did not have it. He was not hyper at all and he was just maybe distracted at times and it was very inconsistant. Maybe he was having obsessive thoughts then...who knows. But he did have some funny quirks then. Putting on shoes in the morning was a huge hassle. Each foot had to be re-done 3 times each because he would say it did not feel right. He would blame the corners of the sock or one shoe was tied to tight etc.
He would ask the same question over and over even when he knew the answer just because he had to. If we were going somewhere he wanted every detail in advance of everything we were going to do. He would probe me over and over. He also had his bedtime routine that had to be done exactly right. It started with dessert and ended with the goodnight kiss. The covers had to be just right, the door cracked just right too. Never in those years did we ever think he had something psychologically wrong with him. He was a cute little guy. He seemed very well adjusted until age 15 when he started with the handwashing and showering. At first we thought he was just becoming conscientious in his teenage years but then it became ridiculous and we could tell he couldn't stop.

I have an 8 year old too and she has to adjust the pillow on her bed so the corners are just perfect before she can lay down.....I cringe thinking it is going to happen to her too.

I am sorry you might have to deal with this. You are a wonderful parent to be looking into this far in advance. Take Care,

Old 08-31-2004, 10:13 AM   #5
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flbeachbum HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

Thank you for your input. I brought it up with some friends of mine and their advice was to just let it go and not try labeling her with anything.

All that you mentioned with your son, I see my daughter doing the same things. She would have to have her cozy perfectly straight or else she would become upset.

I suppose those pecularities could be just that - but with the fact that my sister has a number system in her head and if she doens't touch something a certain amount of times it has a meaning to her . And my mom has felt that in the past she would have to touch an object so many times. So OCD comes to mind when I start seeing my DD act in certain ways.

At this point I'm not sure what I will do other than just mention it to her pediatrician when she has her next visit.

Thanks again

Old 08-31-2004, 12:03 PM   #6
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jules1 HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

I think that this stage of development in your child's life is crucial to whether they develop OCD or not. Perhaps it is better not to give in when your daughter wants to do things a certain way. As opposed to scolding, you could even try to make a game out of not doing the things she claims she has to do. If she gets the idea that she "has to do these things" in her mind at that age, its really hard to get rid of that. Good luck.

Old 09-01-2004, 09:57 AM   #7
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trying4#2 HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

you are not alone. I was diagnosed with OCD last year although it has been an ongoing problem for years. when I was 14 I would start checking that the stove and appliances were shut off atleast 6 times before i could retire to bed. I also checked all window and door locks six times before i went to bed. I cannot step on cracks, I wash my hands atleast 50 times a day in scalding hot water. I carry the antibacterial hand sanitizer with me wherever I go. Also every thing has to be done in a even number, I count out pretzels in a bowl instead of just pouring them in or grabbing a handful......the list goes on. I am afraid that my daughter is catching on to this. she also insists on using hand sanitazer after everything that we touch in public and we never use public bathrooms and clean ours daily. I am so scared that my daughter will become like me. i have tried so hard to overcome this and the dr are no help. I have made my daughter a germ phobic! I know that it is smart to be safe but my husband thinks that it is going to far. I dont know how to handle this. she also needs everything perfect. who has seen a 4 yeatr old that has to make her bed before she does anything else in the morning? and i am telling you she makes bed better than most people. everything has to be perfect for her. I dont want her to be like me

Old 09-06-2004, 06:22 PM   #8
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RatGirl HB User
Re: Does me child have OCD?

Originally Posted by jules1
I think that this stage of development in your child's life is crucial to whether they develop OCD or not. .
I completely disagree with the above statement and sincerely hope that you will not just try to train it out of her. OCD is more neurological than psychological. No amount of therapy will cure it though some say cognative behavior therapy can help a person cope with it. I find managing stress, understanding the illness, and psychopharmacology are the best bets.

OCD is not a learned behavior. It is a neurological disorder caused by damage to the frontal is acquired one of two ways, genetics, or via P.A.N.D.A.S syndrome. It is one of the few mental illnesses that is likely to be diagnosed in small children. I have been symptomatic since I was first able to talk. If this is a recent development, please see a doctor about the possibility that this is P.A.N.D.A.S, an infection caused by strep that attacks the brain. Caught early, this can be reversed. Wait too long, and it's permanent.

I was missing months of school because of my OCD since first grade. I was undiagnosed because honestly, not much was known about OCD at the time. My psychiatrists at the neurology hospital are very helpful now and if you find a good one they can help your child avoid the hell I went through. While you don't want to encourage tics, getting mad, punishing her, or ignoring her will only make them worse, or change to a new tic. Helping her relax when the panic arises, understand that it is a brain "blip" that is tripping the fight or flight trigger at random (not an actual threat), and get the appropriate medications can be the best thing that ever happened to both of you. A neurological disorder like OCD is not an end of the world thing. People with OCD tend to be intelligent and productive and are often overacheivers. Like Monk says, "It's a blessing and a curse."

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Chrissi HB User
Angry Re: Does me child have OCD?

lol...ratgirl i have to agree.....and let me just add...

"In susceptible children, strep infection triggers an autoimmune response. The child's body produces antibodies to strep, as in everyone else, but these particular antibodies attack not only the strep bacteria but normal cells as well. In rheumatic fever, the heart is attacked; in Sydenham's chorea, the brain is the target. These same brain cells, the basal ganglia, produce the OCD symptoms. Researchers have long known that Sydenham's and OCD frequently occurred together, but it wasn't until in the past few years that they realized that strep infection was at the root of both problems.

Researchers testing children with OCD have found that perhaps 25% of them have antibodies to strep, meaning that they were once infected. Another interesting link is that although the incidence of Tourette's syndrome (a movement disorder) in the general population is around 0.03 percent, in children with OCD the rate is 15 percent. Forty to sixty percent of children with Tourette's have OCD. Research indicates that about 10 percent of those children (with both Tourette's and OCD) have clear evidence of a streptococcal trigger.

It seems, then, that testing children who have OCD, and especially those with OCD and Tourette's, for previous strep infections could lead to those disorders being reduced or even eliminated by simply administering antibiotics. Who knew? "
(quoted, from other source)

this makes me wonder if this wasnt my makes my stomach turn to know that i could have avoided this terrible disorder by taking antibiotics for a case of strep i probably had as a child.

well all i can say is when my DD grows up and if she gets strep (as many children do) i will demand her to have antibiotics......*sigh*

and yes OCD as i understand is genetic.
DD Born:10-13-2003
DS Born: 5-04-2005

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Old 09-07-2004, 07:01 PM   #10
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Re: Does me child have OCD?

I am going to be 47 in a few weeks and I have been suffering from OCD since I was about that age. I was officially diagnosed when I was 30. When I was the about the age of your daughter, I had to shut the door, not once, twice but three times until it felt right or turn on the light so many times until if felt right. My OCD wasn't constant then as it is now, but back then, who knew? Being that you have a history of some mental illness in your family, I wouldn't wait too long to see the pediatrician. Nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Believe me, it won't go away on its own.

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