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OCD CURE - please read :)

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Old 09-29-2004, 09:46 PM   #1
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Cozimafighter HB User
OCD CURE - please read :)

*90% of people suffering from ocd cannOt help themselves , unless they seek medical / therapeutical help ( by that i mean cognitive behavioural therapy) or combination of both.

*our disease tells us lies , it's almost like a demon within us

*ocd is ranked as the 14th worst disease in the world , above heart disease! if you don't get help , you'll have it till your old


sitting back talking about it and hoping it will pass , will not make it go away !

I'd like to start off by HIGHLY recommending we ALL get professional help , PLEASE , see an ocd specialist or join an ocd group do whatever it takes to seek professional help , i understand money may be tight for some of us , and it is for me , but ask yourself how much would you pay to relieve yourself of these obsessions ? whatever it may be ? trust me it's soo worth it ! you could spend ten years worrying about thoughts everyone has , sure it can sometimes feel llike your the only one having these thoughts , they may even seem and feel so real , but would you waste ten years of your life worrying or spend 10 years working on the problem and feeling 1000 times better?

these websites feel so good coz they offer immense relief , when we find out others have perfectly identical problems ! ask yourself what happens once you turn off the computer ? your relief iS quickly replaced by panic and your obsessions go haywire , see we are all missing the chemical that allows us to pass evil thoughts and dislikes as insignificant ! so what professionals do is teach you how to catch these thoughts and train them as insignificant ! flossie 22 don't leave your boyfriend ! go seek help , your completely in love with this guy , trust me ! if you dump him you'll always have this same problem in other relationships , that's what my psychologist told me ,
see an ocd specialist , or if you can get an ocd/relationship therapist go see him too !

people don't waste your time on these sites , theyr'e good only for
'RE ASSURANCE ' get out there and fix the problem , almost 90% of people with ocd are not able to fix it on THIER own , we either need help with medication or proffessional help .. get it! life can change for the better.

make sure your psychologist , psychiatrist specialises in ocd many psychologists have no idea , it can take some time to find the right one , but don't ever give up!

you never hear the success stories on here , so people think the problem will always be theirs , people don't know how easy it is to get the right help , people have left relationships for no reason , they think they're gay when they're not , they think they have aids when they don't , we get stuck on the thoughts normal people can dismiss - that is the problem!

perfect example - a man with ocd , was so scared he thought he had heart disease , he'd go get checkups once a week , going through many doctors, all of them said he was fine , but nooo , this wasn;t enough for him , he was so scared he had heart disease ( in the mind of ocd ) he convinced himself he did ! in other words just like gay ocd , relationship ocd , germ ocd , child abuse ocd he became victim of his own fear and believed what his ocd thoughts ( untrue ) were telling him!

NOW GET THIS ! by the end of it he had gone to soo many doctors and carried out soo much research on heart disease , he memorised the symptoms perfectly (believing he had every one of those symptoms when he didn't ) the doctors believed him , cut him open to find his heart was perfectly normal ! they were baffled , after waking from the operation all stitched up - the man realised how far he had gone with his obsession, he gave up the thought!

now stories like these are inspiring and make us see the extent of ocd and it's effects but let me tell you as good as they sound , they won't help you ! you need to do the therapy , that's the only way

hope i helped cheers.

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Old 09-30-2004, 04:33 AM   #2
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*music23* HB User
Exclamation Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Writing on this board isn't a "waste of time". It's not the only thing a lot of people are doing for their OCD, and sometimes the entire process of getting help starts here. Even if not, it's a really good way to know that you continue to not be alone.

Old 09-30-2004, 05:38 AM   #3
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kingam HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

its not a waste of time kristina but i know what he means... a lot of time people post as if to say "someone tell me i have OCD... someone tell me im not gay... someone tell me i dont have aids..."

and thats not healthy...

Old 09-30-2004, 12:49 PM   #4
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jeepbabe HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Very true I agree, I fully intend to go to a specialist and get help as soon as I have insurance. I don't have the money to spend on medical expenses for now I just talk to my gramma and she helps alot cause she has it too. But she is much older and wiser and also has got a pretty good handle on OCD. I have been recongnizing a lot of my thoughts as lies lately and have been able to dismiss many of them. I still have trouble sometimes but it is getting better. Like Kristina said it sometimes starts right on this board. Just recognizing you have a prob can change everything.

It is not who you, but what you do that defines you.

Old 09-30-2004, 04:42 PM   #5
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piggytoesmom HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Dear cozimafighter,
I understand what you are saying, but I believe that most of us are getting the proper medical help. Your post is inspiring, but I also find it helpful to read this site and post.
Some people cannot afford the right treatment and maybe in some way this site helps.
Good Luck

Old 09-30-2004, 08:33 PM   #6
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Cozimafighter HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

sorry guys , i didn't mean to come across so harshly - that wasn't my intention at all , infact it is this site probably saved me and helped me identify the problem so in saying that , it's not a waste of time at all , especially when your discovering that other people have these problems and it's 'not just you' ,

it only becomes a problem when you come on these sites searching for re assurance

eg: i saw a good looking guy on the train today and it 'SEEMED' like i found him attractive ... does this mean i'm gay ? or is it ocd ?

the thing is no matter how many times people tell you your not gay, and that it IS your ocd - you'll still fear, think and feel gay .. ( when your not at all(gay) )

what i'm saying is although these sites are great for identifying the problem , and confiding in others to help , it won't exactly solve your problem , you have to help yourself and if you don't have the strength don't give up until you find someone who can help you ! by that i mean doing the therapy , taking meds( if it does get bad) and even if you can't do that learning how to do cognitive therapy for ocd on your own. having said that it's best that you do it under supervision though as they can tell you if your doing it properly.

about the money ,well i'll be honest i'm living at home with my family and i'm thankful in that regard , but i also have a home loan that i'm paying off and not a cent to my name because of the therapy , but believe me it trully is worth it , i don' t know what the future holds , but having the help you need and the right advice can get you back on the right track , a track everyone deserves i'm not cured but we can all reach this stage , even if you feel gay , a pedophile , not loving you gf/bf , thinking your going to die don't listen to the lies ! my therapist told me so and so have many who have studied anxiety disorders such as ocd ! God Bless

Old 10-04-2004, 06:44 PM   #7
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Frank168 HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)


Nice to see you still hanging in there. So how is the gf situation going? Are you still waking up in the mornings with super high anxiety and feeling irritated at everything she does? Keep us all posted on your progress k?!


Old 10-06-2004, 06:04 PM   #8
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Cozimafighter HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Hi Frank ,

The morning thing has gone away , thankfully ! but it could be because of the medication i'm taking , still it's a great feeling not having it there ! it really sucked having to get up every morning and ask myself why i'm feeling this way ? the therapy really has helped also - just knowing it's not me is such a relief ! the thing is i was never told that by my previous psych, she was good but not experienced enough to know about ocd ! this guy has studied it inside out for the past 15 years ! he's a professor and holds 3 degrees , he's also written books on ocd ! his name is 'Ross Menzies' [ removed ] how are you going with your wife ? i'm still going through some rough patches but i'm definetely making progress here and there, i've only started the cognitive behavioural therapy , so i havn't seen to many results just yet , i just know this is ocd and no matter what i throw at my psychologist he too tells me it is ( even though that's not the therapy ) but honestly mate how are you going ? is your relationship functioning better ? if so do you have any inspirational advice for when the times are tough ? thanks mate chris

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Old 10-07-2004, 08:42 PM   #9
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Frank168 HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)


I'm glad you don't get the morning crazies anymore. I still get some bouts now and then but not nearly the level I used to get them. This is all due to the fact that I can talk back to my thoughts now and can take control of my obsessions. I can still say I am free of OCD for the most part. Whatever imbalance that occured before I guess has righted itself. I still get obsessive thoughts now and then but no longer do the bother me much. I'd say on irritation level I am at 3 out of 10. Gay thoughts pop in once in a while, so do other kinds of thoughts like imagining something violent happening to someone but they no longer produce the kind of anxiety they used to. I still obsess on occasion but I don't mind as it doesn't produce much anxiety. One thing I do have to say about ocd and relationships is this. Not EVERYTHING that you find wrong with your relationship has to do with OCD. I mean I can see why an ocd specialist would say it's just your OCD talking if you feel you don't love your significant other but for me once the ocd tapered down I could see that me and the wife still have lots of work to do in how we relate to each other. The difference is now the problems aren't as MAGNIFIED to the same degree and are more workable. When my ocd was bad my thoughts were, I must not love her, There must be some other girl that's more compatible for me, I must have made a mistake because she's not my soulmate. Now that the OCD has died down I can see that we may not have been soulmates but we can BECOME each other's soulmate. I guess that's it for now. Take care.


Old 10-10-2004, 09:05 AM   #10
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cure HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Dear cozimafighter,

Thank you for heart felt written posting, I completely agree with your approach of doing something about it, but at the same time, I am sure that you can appreciate the fact that if not for this forum, you would not have been able to share 'your' thoughts like you have with your posting.
So this forum serves people in many different ways.
1.For myself, my sister suffers from OCD, and it helped writing in here and finding someone who could identify with her.
2.OCD sufferers feel very alone and this sense of loneliness can be very painful, just being able to feel a sense of belonging, even if it is behind a keyboard, provides them a sense of wanting to live another day knowing that they are not alone.
3.OCD sufferers cannot always just pick up the phone and call a friend and vent about their compulsion, because to the OCD sufferer it what they think is really stupid, just to be able to vent it out in the form of writing, is a healty practice for them.

My sister will definately read your posting because I know it will stir her to get some help.

Chin chin! :-)

Old 11-02-2004, 02:59 PM   #11
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Cozimafighter HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

hey guys just posting this thread , i urge everyone to get help , buy the books or get psychological help , someone who specialises in OCD ! IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO PROGRESS AND FINALLY DON'T GIVE UP EVEN WHEN YOU'VE HIT ROCK BOTTOM ! THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY IT'S UP

Old 11-05-2004, 10:50 PM   #12
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go_da_doggies HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Hi Cozima. You mentioned Ross Menzies. You must be in Australia then. I actually serched this guy and have emailed him and was thinking of seeing him. The thing is, im not sure if I have an OCD. All I know is, I have constant thoughts and images of me killing my mum. Images of me stabbing her in the throat. It makes me ill in the stomach to think that these thoughts are coming from my head. I have said it before and ill say it again, ill die before I hurt my mum, I love her more than life itself. I was questioning weather to see Ross as i wasnt sure if he could help me even if it isnt an OCD. It started at small thoughts not as violent and now has grown to these discusting thoughts. There all thoughts of "what if" not out of lesure. I get SOOOO nervous, sad, angrey, depressed, guilty all these bad feelings and more. I dont so certain things to stop me from feeling like this, its just with me 24/7. Its time I gave this up, I am sick to death of it. Im 17 so hopefully its not too late for me. You think it sounds like an OCD? You reckon I should see him? One reason im having doubts is because if he says its not an OCD its beyond his control, ill be really down and may just give up. I have near NO self esteem at all. I have alot of things to tell so I cant post it all, all problems I went through growing up that may have caused it.


Old 11-06-2004, 02:37 PM   #13
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sanrun HB User
Re: OCD CURE - please read :)

Hey, there. Everything you wrote in all your emails screams OCD. The thoughts are unpleasant, scary and you have no desire to act on them which is a big indication that it is an OCD issue. I emailed you before and said I had a similar problem.

The one thing that does help is to realize that the things in your mind are not an idication of who you are or what you will do. However, in order to get better, you will have to face your fears. So, the goal in a recover plan will most likely make you more anxious at first. The key is to learn to not fear the thought when they pop into your mind. I'm sure by now you have had these harmful thoughts hundreds of time. Right? I know I have had many, many disgusting and harmful thoughts over the past few years. And have I ever came close to acting on them? NO! Remember just because you think something doesn't mean you will do it. In the book Imp of the Mind, Lee Baer tells a person he is treating, to think about stripping naked in public. he say's to the person. "Ok.. Now, you had the thought, are you going to do it?" No. "Well, you thought it right?" We think all sorts of things, good, bad, whatever. However, we have standards that we operate by and if a thought is not acceptable we will not act on it.

I know it still seems disturbing, because our minds are creating these thoughts. What I have learned is the more fearful I am of the thoughts the worse they get. Just like you said it started with something small and then it blew up to the non stop situation. And that's all about fear. What does it mean? Could I do that? What if? on and on to the point of non stop obsessing and then the guilt followed by depression. The longing to be ourselves again.. yadda, yadda!

OK. I have gotten better by using self-help books, I still have my moments but they are not as intense. You are very young and it's great that you realize your problem and are going to seek help. Trust me, you will get better. I had it really bad, for almost 5 years and I managed to improve. I lost my mom to suicide, so I did have another issue that may have contributed to my problem. Anyway, take care and good luck on the road to recovery.

sanrun the elder OCDer!

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