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KeltoKel 04-29-2005 11:34 AM

Schools for children with OCD?
THis is a long story but I will get to the point. I am wondering if any of you have children who go to a private school b/c you didn't want to send your OCD child to the public schools? Most of us picture private schools as being more nurturing and tolerant of students with disabilities.
It is easy to find schools for children with "learning disabilities," "reading problems," etc. However, what kind of school does a child with OCD need?

I know someone whose son is leaving elem. school and the family knows he cannot go to the public middle school or he will be eaten alive. His OCD is pretty well contained in school, but he is different from the other kids. She wants to send him to a private school, but he doesn't necessarily need a "special needs" school, does he? There are no schools in our area that help students with "OCD." Yet, academic schools might be too much pressure on him and the kids will still notice he is "different."

What is a person to do? (Homeschooling is not an option.)

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