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  • a great psychology to deal with stress&ocd

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    Cool a great psychology to deal with stress&ocd

    I think this is it for what I have learned to understand how to deal with stress, and by-pass mental illness symptoms, and yet even use meds to make it easyer to by-pass them. And by learning how to deal with external stress causers that are not mental symptoms but real stress causers, they wont have to aggrivate your sick brain into being more symptomatic.

    the cbt book "brain-lock" talks about relabeling what ocd is. And we all know its a chemical shortage in the brain of serotonin, and it triggers intruding thoughts and images of all kinds to freak you out, and you end up feeling you have to do something to feel better about them. Then it says to anticipate the urge to feel better about the thoughts, and accept them. It mentions that you should know that it's not you, but your brain on OCD basically. Then it mentions to Refocus, which is to do something else instead of the urge to feel better. and then it says you will Revalue the thoughts your brain shoots at you by devaluing them instead.

    psychology is to observe the deals you choose to make on spending your internal resources of freedom, time, and love (emotional energy). When you incurr a stress it can come in 2 forms, a hurt and a loss. A hurt will make you angry or sad depending. And a loss will make you anxious or even needy and get us to act insecurely. Now when we end up angry or sad we are supposed to assert ourselves and be patient to do what we can to get our needs met. And for the anxiety and needyness we are supposed to be brave and do the right thing to get the solution we need to have our confidence. Well insert the C.B.T. right here. stress will come that is a certainty. But if you anticipate that you will handle the emotions irresponsibly and accept it, you already assert and brave the stresses that way. Now all you have to do is when you get stressed either from a hurt or loss, c.b.t. the emotions and immediately go to patiencing yourself and doing the right thing to find the solution to the problem/stresser at the same time. That way, you already by-pass the mental illness symptoms, or a bad way you deal with stress, either mental or external. And you get to handle the stress properly...even depression I think. And the meds help by-passing the symptoms easyer.

    This way, not only do you get to tell when a deal you have prefered to have for spending your internal resources is a bad one, or a stress/problem, you also get to by-pass the brain symptoms, and deal with external sources of stress/problems so that they get handled properly and they dont start agrivation your illnesses more. But if this psych-cbt/meds isnt enough to handle a real stress/problem, go see your doctor to get a med increase to deal with the increase in symptoms, and see a psychologist who can help you better so that the real stress/problem gets solved and the stress is gone, and then you can go back to your orignal dose of medication.

    now the choices you have to make for these stresses/problems is only to patience yourself for both anger/sadness to get a solution to meet your needs for the hurt you incurred. And your choice is to do the right solution for the loss you incurred. now why dont you just say that you do both at the same time for either hurt or loss. That means what ever stress you do come accross to have, you already have been assertive and brave to anticipate handling the anger/sadness/anxiety/needyness all together. so why not just always patience yourself and do thing right thing and find the solution to either hurt or loss at anytime. So now you have 2 things working for you to handle both kinds of stresses at the same time...instead of just leaning on one side, you lean on both, so that you have 2 kinds of helps to deal with either stress at one time.
    and when you do this you'll get your confidence and your needs met, so that youre fine, and can go on.

    1.) observe your boundary, which is like a personal space, and it's your preferences for spending your internal resources, which are freedom, time, and love (emotional energy).
    2.) realize that you will encounter stress in hurt or loss form, (but dont forget the mental aspect).
    3.) The mental aspect of this is that your brain has trouble being able to run properly so it gets in the way of your living and will cause extra kinds of anger/sadness(depression)/anxiety/needyness/worry.
    4.) when you first know to anticipate that you will handle stress of any kind badly, it assumes you have a mental illness...see???? and perhaps bad ways of expressing your emotions too. And then accepting that, empowers you to be able to deal with them properly (either mental symptoms or just bad programming).....

    5.) Now when you do encounter brain symptoms you by pass them with the cbt already, but any other stress from outside that is not brain related deal with responsibly too.
    6.) Right there you now both patience yourself and do the right thing to find the solution to the problem that stressed you(hurt/or caused you loss) both at anytime for either stress, and get to by-pass any brain symptoms....and in return you will have your needs met, and confidence that you do want....and life goes on happy again. And you take your meds to make by-passing the brain symptoms easyer.

    7.) Since I heard this on the cd to help me deal with the inner issues I had, I was told about being able to get a win/win situation out of any confrontation. I was told usually when someone gets angry they're usually out for revenge. Ie. You hurt me now Im gonna hurt you.. I mean they do this all the time in the middle bombs one side the other retaliates...and it never gets resolved cause there in it for a win/lose deal....which always gets the other side to want to win and the other to lose, and it continues and continues....

    Now as christians, we are told to love our neighbors just like we love ourselves, I call it being a friend to my neighbors whether enemy or friend, and doing my best to make them happy and feel loved whether it wouldnt seem the thing to do to an enemy even. As a christian it would be wise to find a way to resolve stress like a conflict you encountered by being hurt by finding a win/win situation which would allow you to get your needs met but at the same time the other person who offended you would get the loving treatment for the sin he/she did to you. Remember it says not to reward evil for evil but let it know it was wrong, so that it is nullified. Right there is the directions to dealing with a confrontation or someone who has sinned against you that you get your needs met and the sinner gets what he/she needs to know that he/she was wrong with out being harmed for it, but instead corrected or even edified whether you'd like to see the person rot in prision, you actually get a more effective way at dealing with the person so that it's even better than condemnation, but instead a help to change/alter the person's perspective on his/her sinfulness so that the person realizes it was wrong, and doesnt want to do it again (and may even seek help for the problem it may be for the person, or even to decide to follow the LORD).

    And thats it.....

    Also I'd like to recommend relaxing sound therapy to help you sleep. If you have a computer in your room, or can hook up a pipline of wires to put the speakers into your room, or however you can do it, put in on REPEAT. The cd I want to reccommend is powerful. It's called "Dan Gibson's 'SOLITUDES' nature sound collection" and the cd is called "WATERSCAPES", the therapeutic power of water. I have been going to sleep with this playing, and it is NO problem falling assleep and relaxing, in fact when you wake up in the morning it's going to be really hard to wake up, cause the cd will keep putting you back to sleep, and it will take will power to get you up. SERIOUSLY. It's like automatic "fall assleep" sounds. You could be just sitting there and the sounds will knock you out like a sleep drug. Big time.

    Go find it, and get wont be sorry.

    This has been your friendly neighborhood psych.cbt'ed/medicated with PAXIL no other drug has done this well for me, Christian Knight, Sir well....Kentuckyfried friend. Enjoy the good times.

    By the way, when I first figured out how to even use the C.B.T. ocd was a tricky ********, and fooled me a few times, but I caught on easily and just stuck to the cbt determinedly committed. but this psych-cbt/med thing is a little advanced but with practice you'll get it. ummm just remember that a boundary is like a personal space, and it is the preferences you have for your internal resources expenditures. No one should cross your boundry and stress you out by trying to control you, so dont you try to control anything or anyone either like the ocd sufferers I know you to be.

    warning when first using cbt....outside is loaded with alot of reasons for intruding thoughts, and I had to stand there at my door for awhile to get accustomed to the whole thing. bravest thing I ever did I think, but it takes guts to have to live with ocd but it takes more guts to deal with it right. And my friends any of you who have managed to get past ocd from controlling you, with the meds and the cbt.....You have my honorable respect, and you are right up there among the winners who dont quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Keep that in mind....and may that be your attitude with this disease for the rest of your life.....and may it lead you to make the winning choice to go believe in LORD Jesus Christ as your SAVIOR. Once that is done, you'll realize the good dont die young, they never die at all. Jesus is proof you cant keep a good man down. Amen.

    GOD bless you guys, and keep on winning.

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    Re: a great psychology to deal with stress&ocd

    ooops I forgot to tell you...if you have a limiting belief. A belief that keeps you from doing something and makes you feel insecure or even negative about something/ men arent attractive, and I am bald.
    a belief can be changed.......just find a new way to look at the belief by finding a new idea about it, and superglue it with an emotion that convinces you about the new idea and poof it becomes a belief. Remember this new belief has to be helpful and useful....

    hey also, learn to talk nice to yourself. Internal dialog shouldnt be negative about yourself, you should be your best friend and talk nice. dont go calling yourself a moron or something for soemthing you goofed on. say something postive to yourself. I mean, you have to live with yourself, so be nice to yourself instead of your own worst enemy.

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