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babytiger 06-30-2007 07:35 AM

can't take no more! is it sertraline/zoloft?

does anybody take sertraline/zoloft for their o.c.d?

if so please can you tell me if you have and been on it for at least a couple of years but suffer any side effects from it?

i am in absolute excruiating pain with my gums and jaw. it feels like i am having reoccurrent gum infections, my gums are rather pink. the dentist cleaned them up during my checkup 3 weeks ago, 3 weeks on and it's still the same, in this time i went to see the doctor to see what she says and she put me on antibiotics, but they did'nt do anything for me, so i got an emergency appointment with the dentist, i waited ages to see her and she says it's my medication, (every time ive mentioned it she says it is) so i went to the doctor's afterwards to try and get an appointment asap the receptionist said she will get a doctor to ring me that afternoon, the doctor rang and i told her what the dentist said and she said it's not the setraline, but to stop my blood pressure meds to see if it's those and to start taking my water meds again, (i don't know why about the water ones), ok but what about my blood pressure she said well that will go high again, but come to blood pressure clinic in a month's time, so i stopped taking them and felt really rough, but my gum and jaw problems did'nt go away, so i got a doctor to ring me last friday and she won't change my sertraline, she prescribed me pastilles to stimulate my salivary glands and a can of artificial saliva (which is absolutely disgusting), so 2 more separate prescriptions to pay for. but that is not the answer is it?

i can't take no more, it's also effecting my speech, so my other half has said for me today to stop taking my sertraline to see if it is that, that's what causing all the problems, i don't drink but i'm having one now cos i'm in so much pain. :eek:

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