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jseiter2 06-12-2009 04:24 PM

does anyone else think their pure o is unique
Please, does anyone else think that their pure o is unique or that they are crazy and have something undiagnosed that just looks like pure o? like nothing is enough confirmation that they have it? That no matter what they read the other cases just don't appear exactly like their own and thus they must not have pure o? Like I said in another post, my pure o revolves around getting the thought of a person stuck in my head, as if I am always aware of them, especially when I don't want to be. Does anyone else get afraid that they will start obsessing about something? That is, afraid not of the content of the obsession but just about obsessing in general? For me, if I go to the gym once I get afraid I will start obsessing about it, so I stop. Or if I see a hot girl I admire her and then get worried ill get in a phase about only thinking about hot girls and not being happy doing anything else. Do you feel as if your mind is just waiting for a thing to obsess over, like it can never be obsession free? For me I don't usually have unresolved questions, like "am I gay" or "will i harm someone" that cause rumination, i just have certain activities or people that seem imprinted on my consciousness...if you feel your pure o is unique or that you have obsessions without the poignant questions attached please post

JomBobwe 06-26-2009 08:04 PM

Re: does anyone else think their pure o is unique
Sure - it can be hard to relate to others triggers and ruminations.... OCD is most unique, Pure O is even more uniqueR. I'm not you, you are not me - we are not each other, you don't share my life so how can you figure to have my OCD?

You are you, your life is yours, you think things that I don't think and you have thoughts that are your own, so your version of OCD is yours.

That being said, I can empathize with others - and see how upsetting - say HOCD can be - and while I don't suffer from HOCD - it's still OCD, and I can relate to that.

Maybe look at the similarities rather than the differences. (man, I am rough tonight)>

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