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sussismatt 09-15-2009 08:03 PM

Overcoming OC Paranoia?
hey everyone, I am really new to this site but from viewing the other forums i have already learned a lot of valuable information about OCD. However, one problem i have been experiencing every day, specifically at night, for years is OC induced paranoia. I can't resist but to check every bit of my room before I go to sleep. I mean between every book, under every drawer, everything! What can I do to help stop this? I know it is irrational but I always feel like there could be something ridiculous like a poison hidden anywhere.

Coolbeans 09-16-2009 02:07 PM

Re: Overcoming OC Paranoia?
Hmmm, i feel like i give everyone the same advise. What happens when you dont check. Do you get like an urge that won't let you sleep at night, and you can't ignore it and so you have to check everything, or do you have a panic attack? I use to do something like that, but for some reason i don't do it anymore. It is probably because i found something better preoccupy my mind with. Sometimes when you focus too much on the fear, it takes over you. It is like the danger is imminent and you feel that it really IS there. Your OCD mind tricks you into telling you that just around that corner there is something and you have to check, because if you don't....something bad will happen. But hey, you've checked every night and nothing was there, so why should there be anything tonight. For once, see how long you can last without checking your room.

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