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SherOCD 11-09-2010 01:52 PM

Please tell me not alone...
So, I'm not always riddled with OCD, but every once in a long time, particularly during certain periods of PMS, I am just overwhelmed with it. I have a ridiculous and completely baseless fear of saying something extremely inappropriate in a public place or during a professional exchange at work. There is NOTHING in my personality to suggest that I would ever do so, everything in my life is happier right now than it has in a LONG idea why this is hitting me yet again. I'm almost paralyzed to open my mouth when talking to my boss and can see in my mind that I'm going to say something horrible and lose my job, etc. I know that I control my mind/mouth and am sane, but no idea why this happens to me. My anxiety level is at a 10.

Someone Help Me 11-09-2010 03:07 PM

Re: Please tell me not alone...
Definitely not alone! I feel the same way somethings like I'm going to say something inappropriate or irrational... :confused: just try and remind yourself that there only "Thoughts" and you can keep them to yourself...

SherOCD 11-09-2010 03:51 PM

Re: Please tell me not alone...
Thank God! It's only when my hormones are hideously imbalanced (now). This could all end tomorrow and hope it does. I don't understand it at all. Had a panic attack in the cafeteria yesterday because I had an irrational fear that I would just start yelling obscenities and that everyone would look at me. My hands started shaking violently, palms sweating. Had to pack up my food and go back to work because all I could do was obsess. Everything in my life is truly blessed right now...why would it come back? Why always the same OCD trait??? I totally cured myself of my "checking the house" OCD, but this little monster rears its ugly head every so often.

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