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kalyspice 01-27-2011 04:23 PM

I believe I have OCD but im terrified to get tested for it (help me please)
I remember everything, and i always memory is insane, i could tell you where you were standing and exactly what you told me. Not all the time, just with certain things. But my memory drives me insane, i remember things that happened years ago and something that I did bugs me. It consumes me until I look something up and try to make sure that everything will be okay. Sometimes it sastisfies me, and sometimes it dosent.

I hate germs, im terrified of them, im not terribly bad, but I do carry multiple hand sanitizers ready to be used at anytime. I always think of what could happen if I didnt was my hand or sanitize them. I work at a daycare so I think of by me not washing my hands or by sanitizing that book etc after ive touched something, that they could get sick. It dosent happen all of the time, but enough to drive me insane.

I have to always double check that my ebrake is on, or that the door is locked or if my cords are away from the heaters. If i dont do them, i think about it all day or until I get an answer.
I have had intrusive thoughts, and they drove me insane, i had them for 7 months straight.. moderate according to some sites becuse I only thought of it 3-4 hrs a day. But they went away, and now i keep getting the mental thing that causes me to think i did something, and worry when i really know the real answer.

Im mostly terrfied to get tested, because I do know theres something going on, my mother has mental illness, and my brother has aspergers. I hate it because none of us asked for this stuff, and yet here we are. I could loose my job i think because of my intrusive thoughts, even though i would never do any of the things i thought of, and i know that.

Do i have any symtoms, does anyone have any advice for me... please help im at my wits end

jeshua 01-29-2011 05:19 PM

Re: I believe I have OCD but im terrified to get tested for it (help me please)
I do the same thing as far as checking cords around heaters..Checking doors over and over...unplugging everything is sight....It is crazy!

Just know your not alone....Many of us do these rituals.

Honeywell123 02-08-2011 06:29 AM

Re: I believe I have OCD but im terrified to get tested for it (help me please)
you are not alone facing the Disorder.
Just chek the doors, electrical appliances, knobs, faucets only once.
never give in to urges for repeated checking.
Avoid reassurances from your family members and friends.
It would be my pleasure to help you manage your fears.
Take good care.
May GOD bless you.

kalyspice 02-08-2011 03:02 PM

Re: I believe I have OCD but im terrified to get tested for it (help me please)
Thank you for answering!

Im trying to only check things once, it's working with some things. I'll just keep on trying.

My germ-phobia is getting worse though :( I was never this bad, it has just gotten worse this past year. Somtimes I cant remember washing my hands after i have tied the trash and taken it out at work, and it worries me because it may have feces germs on it. Then I get terrfied because of all the things I touched. Could the germs kill people? and it terrifies me beyond belief. I have no idea why or how it got this bad. I try very hard, but i have no idea why i cant remember washing my hands, I know myself, and I know how much it would bug me. I probally did, but all i can think of is "am i harming someone?"

Its really hard, but I am trying, and i give myself 24 hrs sometimes, and if everyone is okay, then I know that it will all be okay. I hate it very much!

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