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The Devil Exists.

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WhateverS HB User
The Devil Exists.

"Controlled by emotions
I often think that at the heart of OCD is the fact that we are slaves to our emotions. If you look at it from a "classic" OCD perspective (obsessions/compulsions), a person who is afraid of germs will compulsivley wash until it "feels right." Or you check the locks and stoves and stuff until it feels right.

I have Pure O OCD which focuses on my relationship with my husband. I have noticed that if I feel ok (i.e. no anxiety or depression), that must mean I love my husband and everything is OK. But goodness forbid I feel "off" or depressed or numb or anxious, and I automatically associate it with my relationship obsessions.

Also, I do have mental compulsions, mainly which revolve around seeking reassurance. I look at my husband or force myself to be close to him in order to see if I get an emotional reaction (like feeling love) to tell myself that everything is OK. If I "feel love," it brings relief from the anxiety, but sometimes that relief only lasts a few minutes. I also have the need to confess my horrible thoughts about not loving him to close people (like my therapist and my parents). Fortunately they are supportive and understand it is OCD. But for the life of me, I can't comprehend how something that feels so real, actually cannot be real.

My thoughts make me sick to my stomach and create a huge fear inside of me. Almost like someone is inside of my head forcing me to think/feel this way. Most of all, I feel so controlled by my needing to feel "right" about things. It is almost like an addiction. I need the emotional justification to tell me whether or not I am in the right relationship. Anyone relate?"

This thread was closed so I decided to post to it here.

I am going to try and not read the replies so don't bother talking to me.

I want you all to know that the devil is real.

Not everything you hear in your own head is your own.

You decide to follow compulsions too much and you end up becoming a slave to your emotions, and also to whatever suggestions the devil or his minions make to you.

This isn't a joke. And those who take it not seriously are not going to be laughing in the end.

Say no to your feelings. There is no way to tell whether or not something is real, just by a feeling alone. So the next time you feel like you have to take that 'one more step' on the sidewalk, or race the car to the next stone, etc.. I have all these compulsions too. Don't follow them. There is no way to tell if such an action will lead to some magical outcome.

You don't have to wash your hands a thousand times. Reason and sense tells us we only need to wash it once. If you can resist once, you can resist always. Start with resisting one. Just one compulsion. If you can do that, you will be okay. You will be set. Because you will know that you can resist the one thing, then you can resist all of them.

So far I've said things that are perfectly sane, haven't I? And when the Bible says that the devil is real. It means it. And I rely on the Bible. Not on my feelings - although, being human this isn't true. I mess up here constantly. That is why I'm writing this to other sufferers.

I want you to know, this is from the devil.

Not everybody who is tempted is NOT tempted by the devil or his workers. This is the most popular common thing I hear today (within this context of course): 'Not EVERYTHING is from the devil'. But there is another true: "Not everything is NOT."

Your flesh might be tempted but there IS a tempter. It is sometimes our mistakes, coming from our brain. Like for example: I was thinking about the Bible and in my head, I said, "I stand on the Bible". Then I pictured myself actually standing on the Bible. And I said to myself, that's the devil! And then I said, wait a minute, I just pictured standing on it because I said that literally. I knew I didn't feel pride or like I was putting God down and I took my own thought out of context.

If you take your thoughts out of context, like I did, you can think that it is the devil wrongly. However, this doesn't mean he doesn't tempt us. Or his minions. Not even by a long shot.

A thought pops into your head, un-called for. An anathema to God. The rebellion may be in your heart. But the word comes by satan. And his workers.

How do I know this?

On faith.

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WhateverS HB User
Re: The Devil Exists.

"But the word comes by *****. And his workers. "

This is not a swear-word. It is the devil's other name. Starts with an 'S'. The site has blocked it out, I am guessing, because it filters out the existence of the devil, just like regular people do.

People choose to say they know everything, with medicine, or science. So the devil and his name gets blocked on here. And other places.

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satan liar

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