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nar70 10-06-2013 05:19 PM

Asbestos Exposure

Long story short I was exposed Asbestos back in July 2013 during a home reno and removed apprx 7 feet of pipe insulation. I had a burning in my chest & sore throat & hoarse voice, a lot of post nasal drip. I've been to PCP. Pulmonologist and Cardiologist. Had a CXR, PFT's, Blood work, EKG, all test were normal no indicaton of an illness. The doctors said per my short exposure I should have nothing to worry about.

For the past month or so I still have the burning throat,chest, hoarse voice now accompanied with chest pains, tightness, nausea, constipation, achy stomach, I don't have shortness of breath but at times I am unable to draw a satisfying breath. It my understanding asbestos illnesses have a long latency period. Is it possible that I could have an asbestos illness (if I ever get it) so soon. If not what is it and will it go away. This has turned my life upside down as I am extremely depressed now. If anyone has some insight please help. I was in otherwise good health prior to this.

Thank you

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