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    Someone please help me

    Im 18 years old and 4 years ago I was in a car accident,I started to experience really bad leg pain and rib pain 2 days after so went to the doctors. My doctor said it was the way I sat and nothing to do with the car accident. I moved area shortly after went to a different doctor who straight away told me he suspected nerve damage in my leg,arm and my rib was also injured, he reffered me to a physiotherapist to see if they could help me I waited for months for a appointment and went back to the doctors 4 times to see what was going on (he kept forgetting to refer me, in the end he never did) I then went to another doctor as my rib pain and leg pain was getting worse as well as some heart pain they didnt do anything other than prescibe me naproxen which actually did help a little bit until my stomach started to hurt really bad (2014, I later found out that this was beacause naproxen can damage your stomach lining and because I was already having the depoprovera injection this didnt help me?)Wether that was true or not im not sure as no one explained it too well but apparently I should of taken other pills that protect my stomach which no one told me about.
    I was really quite healthy I loved going to the gym even through my leg pain and I was quite fit and rarely tired until I became really sick with a chest infection and had to have lots of medication for it and sorta went down hill after that.
    I started to get out of breath really quickly and struggle to walk to school I still loved walking but it was a struggle although I would often go for walks for hours at a time but I could no longer run as my heart would race fast and make me sick and fall over. I had other symptoms like stomach cramps but I knew at the time that this was down to my depo provera injection.
    2013/2014 I started to get really bad anxiety which was led on mainly by not knowing what was wrong with me. My heart still hurt and would feel like it was racing at times but it was not as bad as it is now (my anxiety has definitely got worse and so has my symptoms) I tried going to the gym again but the owner of the gym said I couldnt use equiptment by myself as I had really low blood pressure and might pass out or hurt myself.
    I then moved to another area and doctors, I fought through my troubles but still felt a little bit off until August 2015 when I had severe pain in my right side and started throwing up quite violently I called an ambulance as I suspected it was appendicitis the paramdeic came round told me it was a stomach bug and not to waste their time I felt the same for a few days until it went away 2 days after it went away I woke up at 6am with the exact same feeling I had before but worse, my side was hard, the pain was the worsr ive felt and I was violently ill and shaking and sweating none stop, so I went to the hospital where the doctor said it was appendix mass and gave me antibiotics to treat it (thought surgery was the only way) ever since that I still get a sharp stabbing pain on the side where it was nearly daily but so many doctors have felt there and said nothing is wrong although one side is definitely harder than the other.
    Beginning of 2016 I started to have incredibly bad heart pain so my doctor ordered an ecg and nothing was wrong, I had blood tests which concluded that my iron levels were low and I needed to have ferrous sulphate and my doctor found out that from the tests I had in the hospital my liver results were abnormal. she also doubts I would of gone in for my appendix to the hospital as apparently it cant be treated with anti inflammatorys as it can only be treated with surgery and didnt believe me until I showed her my discharge forms (good job I randomly keep things and still had them) this same doctor also told me that I shouldnt of been prescribed depo provera in 2012 as I had an eating disorder and you cant have it if you have an eating disorder.
    In march time I went back to the doctor as I kept having such a sore heart and feeling sick every night she said this was heart burn and prescribed me gaviscon.
    I then started to feel incredibly hungry and shakey and faint each time I felt hungry to the point that my hunger was just extreme stomach pains the doctor said this was also from indigestion/acid reflux and prescribed me omeprazole she ordered for me to bring in a sample so it could be tested for hpv. I was told it was all clear a few days later so started omeprozole and more gaviscon (this did nothing but I decided to try it out for a month or so.
    Around summer of this year my heartburn was daily, I had daily headaches and a sore throat and gnawing stomach pain so I went back to the doctor and she just told me to keep taking omeprozole and gaviscon as it may take even longer to work.
    I also decided to get the contraceptive implant and go off depo provera.
    In September 2016 I had implanon inserted into my arm.
    In october/ December my gnawing pains got a lot worse, my heartburn got worse, my heart actually hurts so bad now that I feel im having a heart attack and constantly have to check my heart is still beating ( I know thats anxiety) my heart also feels like it skips a beat, races often and really really hurts! I also started to taste blood in my mouth and a lump formed on the floor of my mouth, I also kept getting really bad pain to the left of my sternum and felt a moveable lump there, I went to a nurse who told me it wasnt costocondrisis but probably just growing pain or acid reflux, that the lump on the floor of my mouth was probably just a stone and to suck lemons and get it out and that my headache was completely normal and to keep taking gaviscon with my gnawing pains.

    I continued as I was until I felt incredibly weak, I couldnt walk very far without being starving and out of breath, my leg was killing me with every step and at night it hurts so incredibly bad, I wake up every morning with a headache on either my left or right side that then gets replaced by a squeezing feeling across my whole face, watery eyes and a sore throat daily which turns back into pain one one side at night, I had constant back pain, shoulder pain, left side sternum pain and lump, heart pain/heart burn/ tingly/weak feeling arms, pain that feels like a sharp stab in many locations over my body (my right side. My left side, my back, my groin, my boobs, my neck etc) this pain is daily in random places and the gnawing pain, aswell as my mouth lump.
    I went back to another doctor who said it was gerd and ibs and that I need a test for hpv ( I said I had already had one and she said that they never actually checked for it (great)) I had to wait two weeks for that test as I had taken omeprozole which apparently changes the result. She also said I had costocondrisis (althogh another doctor said I didnt)

    At this current moment I still have all these symptoms, I get out of breath just walking a tiny bit, I am waiting my test results, I get severe constipation and cramps, my heart still hurts. Mouth lump is still here (dentist and doctors ignore it), my boobs are really lumpy, my sternum still hurts really bad and the lump is still there, leg pain, sweaty arms, heavy,numb,weak feeling arms, left shoulder pain, headaches every single day, feel sick at night, randomly get bad palpatations and stomach pains and pretty much im feeling more lethargic and worse as time goes on.

    I have seen 16 doctors since this began, they all have conflicting tales, no one is listening to me, and there is actually no online record of the majority of my appointments or my visit to the hospital (hence why they dont believe me)

    Someone please help me, im so anxious and I just need to know what it is. Im terrfied that its cancer or something and I just need to be reassured im sorry this is such a long post I never wanted to write a post like this but im really weak and struggling.

    Diabetes run in my family but doctors say its not that.

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    Re: Someone please help me

    have you seen a Chiropractor? To find a good one is the thing, if you do go to one make sure there are degrees on the wall make sure they are busy. Make sure the send you for an extra before they do any work on ya! Chiropractors can do some amazing things if you can find a good one!

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