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hossBme 08-30-2018 12:03 PM

7 year old boy, Lymph node won't go away
Just a back story. He had his adenoids and tonsils removed when he was 3yo. Since that point he has not been able to blow his nose, says he can't. Always sniffles and seems to be allergic to pollen but the pollen test shows just a slight allergy to maple, which we don't have much around us. About 3 months ago I noticed a swollen lymph node on his right side neck between the base of the neck and his ear. Took him to the doctor and she said to give him antihistamine for a week and bring him back if it didn't go away. It didn't. Then she gave him amoxicillin for a week and come back if it didn't go away. Hmmm. Okay. Then we go back and see another nurse who says he didn't receive the right dosage of the amoxicillin for his size and age so gave him another 7 days of higher dosage and still didn't go away. Then they send him to get an ultrasound of which I have not heard the results yet. I'm really annoyed at this part because it seams as if they just guess instead of doing any real test. I mean, why find out what it is that is making it swollen? I swear, you would think a real doctor would have looked at him the third time instead of just another nurse in the office. I get it, nurses are important and do a lot, but the doctor is what I pay for. Anyway, don't want to rant but was wondering if anyone else here has something similar with their kid. We have pulled a few ticks off of the kids after camping trips but nothing that really stood out.

moira120 09-11-2018 11:03 AM

Re: 7 year old boy, Lymph node won't go away
I don't have experience with a tonsil, but my husband developed an abscess in a lymph node in his side. He also was put on antibiotics, his case for 3 months, and no change. We switched doctors and that one determined the fluid was sterile, antibiotics were of no use. The doctor said it was a feedback cycle, the body sensed white blood cells there and assumed there was an infection still present and sent more, then sensed those and assumed the infection was still there and sent more, and all those white blood cells were what was causing the fluid.

He had surgery, they removed what was left of the lymph node (it was destroyed by the abscess long before surgery) and put in a drain for 6 weeks.

Not saying it's the same thing, but it's certainly worth asking the doctor about.

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