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sassy11 02-08-2020 06:25 AM

Odd lab test results
I am writing to see if anyone on this board has had issues with lab work results being odd. I did a CBC count. I have always had platelet counts in the mid to high 300 range. That just seems to be the norm for me going back 5 years.

This week when I did my CBC my platelet count was 490...normal is up to 432 and with some other labs I see it the normal is up to 450. So I am a little high, but it has gone from 397 in 2018 to 490 now.

Also, other numbers are: basophil abs 0.2 (normal is up to 0.1) monos abs 1(normal is 0.9), monocytes is 13.3% (normal is 12.5), MCV is 82.4 (which is a little low), MCV is 82.4 (a little low) and MCHC is 30.3 (a little low also), MCH is 24.9 (also a little low) . When I read about the MCV and what that means it states could be iron deficiency. My hemoglobin is 11.9 (which is on the low end of normal).

My main concern is elevated platelet count with elevated basophil and monocytes (which are white blood cells). I have been reading a lot and this is not good because you start thinking all kinds of crazy stuff is going on.

I work for a cardiologist and I showed him the labs. He said I should see a hematologist. He did say I have thrombocytosis when he saw the elevated platelet count but when he saw monocytes were also a little elevated that's what made him think I should see a hematologist. He mentioned they may want to do a bone marrow test...that freaked me out. But he said they may also just put me on an aspirin and check me in 6 months....

Anyone had any similar experiences??? I am trying not to panic about it all but of course my first thought is cancer, leukemia, lymphoma. It could be an autoimmune condition.

I always think well I have a hard time losing any weight and I know weight loss is usually a sign of cancer. I don't feel bad...anyone out there that can relate to any of this?


Southsider170 02-10-2020 05:26 AM

Re: Odd lab test results
I am writing to see if anyone on this board has had issues with lab work results being odd. [/QUOTE]

Labs aren't perfect, and have occasionally mixed up samples or contaminated them. Not too often, but it has happened.

Usually, the initial response of a doctor wouldn't be intrusive bone marrow tests or other ideas, but instead to just reorder the test to confirm the odd results.

sassy11 02-12-2020 05:20 PM

Re: Odd lab test results
Thanks for responding. When my doctors office called they said my cholesterol was high and that I was mildly anemic. Didn't even mention platelets or slightly elevated monocytes. I figured if they were concerned they would have mentioned that.

I am going to try to change a few things in my diet and see if that changes things a little too.

Thanks again for responding:)

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