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tiredofissues 09-29-2021 11:37 AM

Muscle strain or blood clot?
For a few weeks now I've had this little bit of tightness in my knee. Kind of feels like a rubber band around the outside of my knee so I have to be careful walking down stairs etc. On Saturday all of a sudden, I started having pain in my left calf. It felt like a cramp and tightness feeling and it was hard to walk. I didn't have an injury I didn't fall anything like that. I thought maybe I pulled something just getting up. I tried to kind of walk around and stretch it out and I've tried elevating it but it's still painful and still difficult to walk. It's mostly on the back of my calf and a little bit on the side. It still just feels like a tight muscle. It's not red or warm to the touch like a blood clot could be but I am overweight and I do sit for many hours a day at work so I'm concerned it could be a blood clot. Does this sound like it could be? Can you have a blood clot without having redness or swelling in your leg?. I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but I was just looking for advice of people that might have experienced this. If it's a muscle strain I would think it would start feeling better by now.

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